El Fuerte Marbella Hotel: The Resplendent Return 

A 5-Star beachfront hotel in the heart of Marbella, seamlessly blending casual luxury with an exclusive and inviting atmosphere. Doors open for the upcoming season March 9, 2024.

In the heart of the sun-kissed Costa del Sol, where the azure Mediterranean meets sandy shores, stands the renowned El Fuerte Marbella Hotel – a gem in the family-run Fuerte Group. More than just a hotel, it’s a living testament to Andalucía’s rich history, a celebration of Mediterranean splendor, and a haven for those seeking relaxed luxury with a touch of Spanish charm.

History: A Visionary’s Dream Unveiled

Hotel el Fuerte began its journey in 1957, and since then, it has been a silent witness to Marbella’s evolution. Founded by the visionary José Antonio Luque, from the charming white village of Estepa, El Fuerte Marbella Hotel is a testament to one man’s foresight. Enchanted by Marbella’s simple yet vibrant charm, José Luque undertook the transformation of the old house of Doña Elvira, situated beside the legendary Fort of San Luis. This marked the inception of El Fuerte, which quickly etched its name in Marbella’s history as one of the city’s first hotels. The hotel undertook a transformative renovation in 2023, reopening on May 19th 2023 as a five-star destination. Enchanting visitors with its enthusiasm, authenticity and proximity, the hotel continues its legacy of refined luxury, boasting over 60 years of history. 

El Fuerte Marbella Location: A Destination That Makes You Shine

Located in the city that has been voted Europe’s best destination in 2024. Marbella is much more than a place to stay – it’s a true Mediterranean luxury experience. Nestled on the promenade, a brief five-minutes walk from the Plaza de Los Naranjos in the old town, the hotel invites you to immerse yourself in Marbella’s vibrant atmosphere. 

For your convenience, El Fuerte hotel provides a private parking garage, secure and monitored 24/7 for peace of mind. Explore nearby attractions such as the famed Puerto Banús marina and the majestic La Concha mountain, knowing your stay is anchored in comfort.

Benefiting from its strategic location, every room offers breathtaking views, setting the stage for unforgettable moments. Hotel el Fuerte also ensures seamless connectivity, with a swift 40-minute drive to Malaga Airport (AGP) and Gibraltar conveniently within an hour’s reach. Not only does El Fuerte Marbella serve as a gateway for captivating day trips to destinations like Ronda, Malaga, or Granada, but it also offers a haven for adventure enthusiasts and active tourism amidst the scenic surroundings of the Sierra Blanca.

Inspired by Andalucía: Modernity Meets Tradition

Entering into Hotel el Fuerte is stepping into a world where casual luxury intertwines seamlessly with Andalusian tradition. Designed by renowned Chilean Jaime Beriestain, the interior reflects the grandeur of Andalusian palaces and country homes, using earthy colors, terracotta tones, and natural elements to create a timeless ambiance. Guests are enveloped in an atmosphere that seamlessly blends tradition with modern comfort, creating an experience that is as authentic as it is luxurious. 

el fuerte hotel marbella library
Photo credit: www.elfuertemarbella.com (The library)

Hotel Fuerte Marbella Facilities: Oasis of Tranquility

After a successful reopening in May 2023, Hotel Fuerte Marbella is once again welcoming guests for the 2024 season as a five-star destination. The hotel offers a total of 266 rooms, including 78 ‘Selected’ rooms that elevate the luxury experience. Each room is thoughtfully designed to encapsulate the essence of warmth and character, mirroring the vibrant atmosphere of the capital of the western Costa del Sol. With spacious layouts, subtle yet stylish decor, and gorgeous lighting, the rooms at El Fuerte Marbella promise a serene and inviting retreat for every guest.

The hotel’s facilities are a testament to its commitment to guest satisfaction. Edge by Paco Pérez, Soleo Beach Club, a spa complete with whirlpools, saunas and treatment rooms, and a fitness center with Mediterranean views all contribute to an unparalleled guest experience. Each space is meticulously designed to provide a sense of tranquility and luxury.

El Fuerte Marbella also features the San Luis Castle inside its grounds, a historic location that has been designated as a Cultural Heritage Site.

Selected Junior Suite Front Sea View
Photo credit: www.elfuertemarbella.com (Junior Suite Front Sea View)

Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with dashes of fusion

Embark on a culinary journey at Hotel Fuerte Marbella, where five restaurants and a bar redefine the art of dining. Begin with Soleo, the elegant beachfront haven offering authentic Spanish cuisine. Indulge in the beachfront charm of Levante, featuring healthy cuisine that uses seasonal ingredients and exciting proposals, or savor Mediterranean simplicity with fresh and local products at the laid-back Le Marche.

el fuerte marbella hotel
Photo credit: www.elfuertemarbella.com (Soleo)

For an avant-garde experience, head to the fine-dining restaurant led by 4* Michelin star chef Paco Pérez. As the sun sets, the rooftop bar, Edge by Paco Pérez, transforms into a picturesque sanctuary with panoramic sea views, offering cutting-edge mixology by Cristian Pineda. Here, guests can savor sundowners with Paco’s signature cooking, creating an experience that transcends traditional expectations.

el fuerte hotel marbella
Photo credit: www.elfuertemarbella.com (Edge)

Start your day with yoga and a 5-star breakfast, setting the tone for indulgence. Qahwa Coffee House beckons with specialty coffee, sweets and masterfully crafted chocolates. Need a quick bite? Grab N’ Go takeaway has you covered.

At El Fuerte Marbella, every dining experience is a fusion of simplicity and sophistication, inviting guests to savor authentic flavors against the backdrop of Mediterranean elegance.

El Fuerte Marbella Hotel Guests: A Tapestry of Experiences

El Fuerte Marbella Hotel has played host to an array of distinguished guests, from celebrities seeking respite to discerning travelers in search of a genuine Andalusian experience. The personalized service and attention to detail have made it a preferred destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Every guest is not just a visitor; they become part of the hotel’s storied history, creating memories that linger long after check-out.

Adding a unique touch to the hotel experience is the upcoming museum, narrating the tales of famous personalities who have graced El Fuerte Marbella. From Walt Disney, captivated by Marbella’s allure, to Timothy Dalton, Rafael Alberti, Lola Flores, and Penélope Cruz, the hotel has been a canvas for stories that have enriched Marbella’s cultural tapestry. This museum promises to be a captivating journey through time, offering guests a glimpse into the remarkable history of this iconic establishment.


As Hotel Fuerte Marbella 2024 season begins March 9th, travelers are invited to embrace refined luxury, cultural richness, and unparalleled hospitality. Come, be a part of the resplendent return, and let the timeless charm of El Fuerte Marbella captivate your senses.

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