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Discover Marbella
A Tapestry of Experiences

Restaurants & Nightlife

Embark on a culinary journey in Marbella, where the art of living meets the art of dining. Savor the freshest seafood, relish visionary chefs' creations, and explore diverse dining. As the sun sets, let the city's nightlife create vibrant memories - a symphony of unforgettable moments awaits!

Toast in stylish bars, dance in exclusive clubs, and uncover hidden gems.


Activities & Sports

Explore Marbella's diverse range of activities and sports, catering to all interests. Engage in a vibrant community of golfers, runners, cyclists, tennis & padel players, as well as watersports enthusiasts.

Remarkably, the Costa del Sol boasts more than 70 golf courses in close proximity, guaranteeing you easy access to an exceptional golfing experience. Marbella boasts 5-star golf courses with perfect conditions, where prestigious golfers frequent.

An array of outdoor adventures awaits. Embrace the possibilities!


Beach Life

With Marbella's year-round sunshine, indulging in one of its beach clubs is a must. Dive into beach activities – paddle, swim, enjoy water sports, or savor a leisurely lunch. Yet, for the VIP treatment, seek out one of our exclusive beach clubs.

Find your beachside haven, soak up the lively coastal vibes, and create unforgettable memories in the sun, sand, and sea on our welcoming shores!


Arts & Culture

Discover Marbella, where history echoes through the ages from Roman times. Legend has it that "Marbella" emerged from Queen Isabella's mesmerizing encounter with the sea's beauty, giving it the name Mar-Bella.

Immerse yourself in Andalusian art and culture along streets that share tales of the past. Marbella, at the heart of Andalusia and the Costa del Sol, is the perfect base for day trips. Discover charming towns like Mijas and Ronda or venture to dynamic cities like Sevilla and Granada.


Family Adventures

When children are happy, everyone can be happy. In Marbella, you'll discover a world of activities for kids, from play centres to thrilling amusement parks and thrilling water parks. Craft unforgettable family moments during your trip to Marbella with kids.

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