5 Best Tennis Clubs in Marbella Await

Looking to elevate your tennis game in the sun-kissed haven of Marbella? Home to some of Europe’s most prestigious and luxurious tennis courts, Marbella boasts a year-round haven for tennis enthusiasts. The city’s sun-soaked climate and vibrant tennis culture position Marbella as the tennis paradise in the Mediterranean.

Enjoying over 350 days of sunshine annually, Marbella’s tennis courts set the stage for matches, training sessions, and even national or international tournaments. From hosting world-class events to featuring iconic courts, this Spanish gem underscores its prominence in the tennis realm.

Renowned among legendary players like John McEnroe, Boris Becker, Bjorn Borg, Martina Hingis, and more, Marbella offers luxurious courts complemented by fantastic weather. Even tennis royalty like Novak Djokovic own real estate in Marbella, capitalizing on the ideal tennis training conditions provided by the city’s sunshine.

Ready to make your mark on Marbella’s courts? Dive into the vibrant tennis community and elevate your game in this lovely city.

Discover Some of the Tennis Clubs in Marbella

Luckily for tennis enthusiasts, Marbella is home to some incredible private and pay-as-you-go tennis clubs, the most exclusive of which have several sporting greats on their membership books. From Puente Romano Tennis Club to Royal Tennis Club, these are some of the city’s best tennis courts on which to practise your serve.

1. Puente Romano Tennis Club

First on our list is the iconic Puente Romano, a tennis haven in Marbella, where tennis dreams come to life by the stunning Mediterranean. The Hotel Puente Romano Tennis Club, established as one of the most important professional tennis clubs in Southern Europe and affiliated with the RFET, boasts facilities of the highest quality. With 8 clay courts and 2 plexipave courts, these surfaces are more than just playing fields; they are like canvases that make every match special, complemented by the touch of a sea breeze. The 5-star facilities make it a tennis paradise that keeps you coming back.

Founded in 1979 under the direction of tennis legend Björn Borg and later managed by Manolo Santana, it’s the go-to place for tennis in Marbella. The club has hosted big tournaments and has welcomed stars like Boris Becker and John McEnroe. It even hosted the Davis Cup round of 16 between Spain and Great Britain in 2018. For those guests staying on The Golden Mile, the Puente Romano Tennis Club also offers padel courts and lessons, ensuring everyone enjoys a top-notch sports experience.

If you’re in need of a lesson or two, the club offers professional instructors ready to enhance your game. Booking can be done through the club’s website. The club opening hours are from 8:00 to 21:00, Monday to Sunday.

Photo credit: www.tenis.puenteromano.com

2. Manolo Santana Racquets Club

The Manolo Santana Racquets Club stands as a distinguished reference among tennis clubs across all skill levels. Up until the passing of the revered figure of Spanish tennis, Manolo Santana, on December 11th, 2021, he personally selected the trainers for his club, ensuring the highest standards for tennis classes.

Located at kilometer 2 of the Istán highway, in close proximity to the golf clubs of Nueva Andalucía and just a 10-minute drive from Marbella city center, the Manolo Santana Racquets Club seamlessly blends luxury with a welcoming, homely atmosphere. Boasting a total of 6 tennis courts catering to various play styles, including 3 hard courts, 2 clay courts, and one grass court, the club offers a diverse range of playing surfaces, mirroring those of all Grand Slam tournaments.

The club welcomes everyone, offering memberships, professional coaching, a tennis academy, and mix-ins for both members and visitors. Explore more about the club and its offerings on the official website.

Open from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 10 pm, and on Sundays and holidays from 9 am to 4 pm. Court rates starting from €29.12 for a 60-minute session.

Photo credit: www.manolosantana.es

3. Royal Tennis Club

Your premier destination for top-tier tennis, elite coaching, and a pro shop with quality gear. Located in El Rosario, just 800 meters from the beach and a short drive to Marbella center, this prestigious club boasts 8 ground tennis courts and one hard court, all equipped with advanced lighting for evening play. Beyond tennis, the club organizes amateur and professional tournaments, offering a comprehensive recreational package including personalized training programs, tournament participation, transfers, accommodation at the Hotel Royal Tennis Club, sports nutrition, and gym access.

Open from Monday to Sundays 8 am to 10 pm. Court rates starting from €33.28 for a 60-minute session.

royal tennis club marbella
Photo credit: www.royaltennisclub.com

4. RozaRossa Marbella

For a tennis experience that’s as delightful as it is unique, head to RozarRossa Marbella, located in Estepona, a 8-minute walk from El Saladillo Beach. The whimsical 9 pink courts with an attractive and modern design are more than just a visual treat; they offer an unparalleled playing experience. Perfect for players who appreciate a dash of flair on the court, RozaRossa Marbella combines elegance with a touch of playfulness. The vibrant atmosphere and meticulously maintained facilities make it a definite hit, especially with the ladies who appreciate tennis in style.

Indulge in leisurely play at RozaRossa court, with rates starting from €25 for a 60-minute session. Should you desire a lesson, their professional and attentive coaching staff will ensure an enriching experience. Open from Monday to Sundays from 9 am to 10 pm.

Roza Rossa Marbella
Photo credit: www.en.rozarossa.es/tennis-club/

5. Club Med Magna Marbella

Nestled near Sierra Blanca, Club Med Magna Marbella offers a serene tennis experience with 10 tennis courts catering to various preferences – 4 synthetic grass courts, 3 Plexicushion-type synthetic resin courts, and 3 clay courts. Each court invites you to embrace a harmonious blend of sports, nature, and stunning views.

Renowned for upscale family resorts, Club Med has revitalized its Marbella location into a vibrant hub with 3 pools, various bars, restaurants, and extensive fitness facilities. A unique feature is day passes, offering visitors and locals to facilities to enjoy the resort for a day, with options for daytime or evening passes. 

The resort’s perfect setting, easily accesible, allows you to learn the basics, refine your techniques, and enjoy friendly matches as the sun sets over well-lit courts.

Club Med Magna Marbella
Photo credit: www.clubmed.es/r/magna-marbella/y

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, these options offer a unique setting and experience. As you explore these exclusive tennis clubs, you’ll find that Marbella’s tennis scene is more than just about the courts; it’s a lifestyle.

Now that you’ve discovered some of the best tennis spots in Marbella, why not plan your visit? Share this guide with fellow enthusiasts and immerse yourself in the vibrant tennis life this Mediterranean paradise has to offer.

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