Marbella awarded the coveted title of #1 "Best European Destination 2024"

Marbella, the sun-kissed coastal gem, has secured the top spot on the prestigious European Best Destinations (EBD) 2024 list, marking the first Spanish destination to claim this coveted title. The achievement is a result of votes from over a million travelers worldwide, solidifying Marbella’s status as the ultimate destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of sun, sophistication, and stunning landscapes.

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Why Marbella Stands Out:

Outshining 500-plus contenders, Marbella’s triumph can be attributed to its unique allure as a sunny, five-star, natural, sporty, and gastronomic haven. According to the European Best Destinations organization, Marbella is the top choice for American and English travelers seeking a European stay in 2024.

From the glitz of the Golden Mile to the charm of Marbella’s Old Town, this Spanish haven blends history, social vibrancy, and gastronomic delights. Wander through the Old Town’s narrow streets, discovering hidden gems from historic churches to quaint boutiques. Marbella’s allure extends to the glamorous Puerto Banús and the iconic La Concha mountain, while luxury shopping featuring fashion major names like Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, adds an opulent touch. A perfect blend of sophistication and culinary wonders for an unforgettable European experience in 2024.

Diverse Appeal & Golfer’s Paradise

Marbella’s charm lies in its ability to cater to a wide range of traveler preferences. It stands out not only as the trendiest of European destinations but also as one of the best Golf Destinations in Europe. Boasting 149,192 votes, a record since the competition’s inception, Marbella is a haven for golf enthusiasts, offering top-class courses with panoramic views of mountains and the Mediterranean.

Costa del Sol boasts more than 60 golf courses, and Marbella takes pride in offering 22 courses of its own. Renowned globally, the Valderrama course, host to The Ryder Cup and The Volvo Masters, solidifies the region’s reputation as ‘The Costa del Golf.’

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Gastronomic Delights & Al Fresco Dining Paradise:

Marbella is a culinary paradise, offering three Michelin-starred restaurants and a myriad of smaller eateries serving diverse cuisines, from Mediterranean and Thai to paella and succulent local tapas. This gastronomic journey promises not only exquisite flavors but also breathtaking views and vibrant vibes.

With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, Marbella transforms into an al fresco dining paradise, setting the stage for culinary indulgence. Imagine savoring delectable meals by the beach or beneath the stars, embraced by the gentle caress of the Mediterranean breeze – a truly enchanting experience capturing the heart of Marbella’s allure.

Amid this sun-soaked splendor, The Marbella Club and its sister hotel, The Puente Romano Beach Resort, stand as epitomes of opulence, echoing the luxurious ambiance found in the renowned hotels of Beverly hills. These establishments add an extra layer of sophistication to Marbella’s charm, creating a seamless blend of glamorous dining, sunlit days and Mediterranean magic.

Marbella: The Jewel of the Mediterranean

Nestled on the Costa del Sol, Marbella offers glamorous beaches from Puerto Banús to Cabopino, often hailed as the Miami of Europe. With a year-round vibrant atmosphere, it’s a destination where hundreds stroll along stunning shorelines, enjoying the perfect blend of European charm and Miami-style indulgence.

The southern Spanish coast is well-known for its microclimate and sun-drenched beaches which provide not only a stunning backdrop for relaxation but also a playground for water sports enthusiasts and a haven for those seeking seaside indulgence.

Exclusive Travel Trends:

The European Best Destinations rankings indicate a clear trend toward exclusive travel, with destinations like Monaco, Malta, Geneva, Madeira, Florence, Riga, and Batumi sharing the limelight. Maximilien Lejeune, CEO of EBD, notes the resurgence of exclusive destinations and a growing interest in off-the-beaten-path, smaller locales for convivial holidays. This aligns seamlessly with the evolving preferences of modern travelers, who increasingly seek destinations that provide a harmonious balance of relaxation, cultural enrichment, and responsible tourism. 

This trend points to a growing emphasis on a holistic approach to tourism, signaling that  top destinations are now expected to offer exceptional experiences while also demonstrating a commitment to environmental and cultural conversation.


Marbella’s crowning as the Best European Destination 2024 is a testament to its magnetic appeal and diverse offerings. From world-class golf courses to gastronomic delights, Marbella promises a vacation that transcends expectations. As travelers yearn for exclusive experiences, Marbella stands tall, beckoning with its allure of sunshine, sophistication, and unforgettable moments. It’s time to pack your bags and discover why Marbella is the epitome of European travel excellence in 2024!

Whether your preference is relaxation, adventure, or simply soaking in the Mediterranean sun, Marbella extends a warm invitation for you to explore its enchanting shores. 

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