Discover the Best Spa Hotels in and Around Marbella

Marbella, a gem on the Costa del Sol, beckons not only with its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife but also with havens of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Exuding luxury and comfort, Marbella hosts some of the world’s most beautiful spas, offering diverse treatments and unique experiences. Whether seeking a soothing massage, a rejuvenating facial treatment, or a hydrotherapy circuit to celebrate self-love, these spas cater to all tastes. Join us on a journey to explore the best spa hotels in and around Marbella, where relaxation and opulence converge amidst the city’s glamorous lifestyle.

The Best Spa Hotels to Experience Luxury in Marbella

1. Six Senses Spa at Puente Romano Beach Resort 

Our first stop is the Six Senses Spa at Puente Romano Beach Resort, recently voted the Best Resort Spa in Europe. Nestled in Marbella’s heart, this spa promises a unique sensory experience. The harmonious blend of Mediterranean aromas, colors, and sounds renews your joy of living. Drawing inspiration from natural healing, the spa’s treatments and facilities rejuvenate both body and mind. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury with signature treatments amid lush gardens and breathtaking Mediterranean views. Six Senses Spa invites you to embrace well-being in the lap of opulence.

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2. Thalasso Spa Marbella Club

At the iconic Marbella Club hotel, Thalasso Spa seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. A favorite for decades, it offers thalassotherapy treatments harnessing the healing power of seawater. Thalasso Spa’s philosophy connects with inner beauty through the profound benefits unique to seawater. With modern luxury and historical charm, Thalasso Spa invites you to unwind and embrace the Mediterranean way of life. Beyond relaxation, thalassotherapy addresses issues like blood pressure, sleep, magnesium levels, depression, overweight, and circulation problems. Thalasso Spa, a treasure on the Costa del Sol, provides options for relaxation through 12 treatment rooms, featuring Finnish saunas, a solarium, hammam, and an indoor pool flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.

Thalasso Spa Marbella | Marbella Club Wellness
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3. Anantara Villa Padierna Spa

Step into a world of elegance at Anantara Villa Padierna Spa in Marbella. Combining ancient healing techniques with contemporary luxury, this spa at the prestigious Villa Padierna Palace transports you to a realm of tranquility. With over 2,000 square meters, the spa features Roman baths, a hammam, and a swimming pool amidst meticulously kept gardens. Recognized as one of Europe’s largest and most luxurious wellness retreats, Anantara Spa is a beacon of excellence among Marbella’s wellness centers, offering personalized treatments for a rejuvenating experience.

anantara villa padierna
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4. Finca Cortesín

Escape to the serene Finca Cortesín Spa in Casares, one of Spain’s most opulent golf resorts and hotels. Surrounded by lush gardens with panoramic views of the Mediterranean, this spa guarantees an immersive experience. Spanning 2,200 square meters, the spa is divided into areas for facial and body treatments, massages, a state-of-the-art gym, and thermal areas, including a spectacular snow cave. The spa also features a 25-meter heated saltwater pool and an exclusive Thai area, offering oriental treatments. Enjoy personalized treatments that truly care for your mind, body, and soul.

finca cortesin spa
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5. Moi Spa by METT Hotel & Beach Resort Marbella 

For a peaceful retreat in Estepona, discover Moi Spa by METT Marbella, reopening March 15th —a hidden gem translating to “a space for calm.” Immerse yourself in holistic treatments designed to restore balance and harmony to both the body and mind. Moi Spa’s expertise lies in utilizing natural herbal and plant products, botanical essential oils, and marine active ingredients. Thoughtfully incorporated into treatments, these elements offer quick and effective benefits. Beyond being a spa, Moi Spa by METT Marbella is a sanctuary where tranquility and natural wellness converge, creating an unparalleled retreat experience.

mett moi spa
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6. Wellness Club Sotogrande

Embark on a well-being journey at Wellness Club Sotogrande, nestled within an exclusive complex. Integrating cutting-edge facilities with a serene ambiance, this spa dedicates over 2,500 square meters to nurturing the body and mind. Explore a comprehensive hydrothermal circuit and experience avant-garde facial and body treatments in the spa’s numerous cabins. Beyond the quality of treatments, it’s the immersive context that makes them truly exceptional. Wellness Club Sotogrande  invites you to explore a range of tailored treatments designed to elevate your overall wellness.

SO Spa Sotogrande
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7.  Heavenly Spa at Westin La Quinta Resort & Spa

Experience celestial bliss at Heavenly Spa, nestled within the Westin La Quinta Resort & Spa. Steeped in Moorish-style charm, this spa transcends the ordinary, inviting you to explore your inner wellness in a new dimension. Spanning an expansive 1500 square meters, Heavenly Spa seamlessly merges traditional techniques with contemporary luxury, creating a haven of serenity. The spa’s offerings include a hydrotherapy pool, steam room, and eight meticulously designed treatment rooms. Immerse yourself in the incredible menu that spans massages, body treatments, facials, and rituals. Pamper your senses with therapeutic treatments in an environment crafted to elevate your overall well-being.

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8. Dunas Health and Beach Spa

Las Dunas Spa at Las Dunas Grand Luxury Hotel  in Estepona offers a unique blend of health and luxury against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. Spanning 3,000 square meters, this medical spa is dedicated to pure health. The expansive facilities feature a thermal circuit, treatment rooms, hydrotherapy cabins, a flotarium, jet show cabins, and more. With a comprehensive menu of treatments and state-of-the-art facilities, Las Dunas Health and Beach Spa promises a holistic approach to well-being, inviting guests to rejuvenate in the embrace of the sea.

las dunas spa
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9. Shanti Som Wellness Retreat – Monda

For those craving a retreat high above Marbella, Shanti Som Wellness Retreat  is a hidden paradise surrounded by nature. Combining Eastern and Western philosophies, this spa is a sanctuary for meditation, detoxification, yoga classes, and wholesome, natural cooking. Facilities include a sauna, steam room, and outdoor pool. Shanti Som stands out for its numerous body and facial treatment packages, featuring rejuvenating elements like Reiki sessions, manicures, pedicures, and various massages. At the core of their mission, ‘Shanti’ embodies inner peace- encompassing mental, physical, and spiritual bliss. It proves to be an ideal sanctuary for those seeking both mental and physical rejuvenation—a transformative journey of self-discovery and relaxation.

shanti som wellness retreat
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10. Mood Spa at La Zambra

At Mood Spa in La Zambra Hotel, well-being is a personalized and uplifting journey. Situated beyond the captivating old Spanish film set-worthy town of Mijas, this spa is a sanctuary for those seeking a unique approach to rejuvenation. Mood Spa celebrates individuality and diversity, offering freedom of choice with five carefully crafted journeys. Whether in traditional, innovative, or holistic approaches, Mood Spa ensures a perfect match for everyone. Step inside, explore the freedom of choice, and elevate your well-being at Mood Spa, La Zambra’s inspiring Wellness Spa with rejuvenating holistic rituals and an Anti-Aging Beauty Centre. Your personalized path to vitality and health awaits.

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11. Higuerón Spa 

Last but certainly not least is the avant-garde Higuerón Spa at Higuerón Hotel  in Benalmadena. This modern spa combines aesthetics with traditional therapies, offering a holistic and indulgent experience. Higuerón Spa excels at regeneration treatments and natural aesthetics, featuring a diverse array of classical and oriental massages. The standout feature is the Hydro Circuit, a signature experience with a dynamic pool boasting over 30 jets, meticulously programmed to  reduce body tension and promote muscle relaxation. Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in a world of luxury and relaxation at Higuerón Spa, where rejuvenation takes center stage.

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Whether you’re a local resident, a visitor, or planning a romantic escape, these top spa hotels in and around Marbella offer a luxurious getaway from the hustle of everyday life. From panoramic views of the Mediterranean to secluded retreats in the hills, each spa is a unique haven dedicated to your well-being. Indulge, relax, and let the magic of Marbella’s spas rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. For a touch of romance or a perfect Valentine’s retreat, immerse yourselves in the unparalleled luxury these spas have to offer. Allow the enchanting ambiance and rejuvenating experiences to create timeless memories for you and your loved one.

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