San Juan in Marbella: Beach Bonfires and More Await!

In June, Marbella not only comes alive with the vibrant energy of its renowned fair – Feria de Marbella, honoring the city’s patron saint San Barnabe, but at the end of the month everyone gets excited about the celebration of bonfire night during San Juan. This eagerly awaited festival draws crowds to the beaches, where they gather to immerse themselves in an evening full of positive vibes and joy, embodying the essence of life in Spain.

Traditions of San Juan: Spain's Bonfire Night

La Noche de San Juan, or the Night of San Juan, is a magical time filled with tradition and wishes. It marks not just the beginning of summer but also the season of beach sunsets and moonlit nights. From June 23rd evening to the early hours of June 24th, people come together and celebrate this special night. 

Rooted in ancient customs, San Juan honors the sun and fire as symbols of life and purity. The air is filled with ancient rituals; from huge bonfires to midnight swims, accompanied by wine and dancing.

The traditions:

Fire is a big part of the celebration. You will see a lot of people jumping over the fire. Legend has it that jumping over these flames three times absolves one of their troubles, cleansing and purifying their spirit.  

Water after midnight, the sea calls for rejuvenation and renewal. Diving into its depths is believed to wash away evil spirits and bring happiness for the year ahead. 

Wishes some people even write their wishes or problems on paper and burnt it in the fire. 

Some write them down and burn them in the fire, while others dip their feet in the ocean, hoping their dreams come true. It’s a night where faith and hope blend together, reaching out to the stars above.

san juan in marbella
San Juan Marbella 2024

Where to celebrate San Juan in Marbella 2024

Marbella knows how to throw a party, and San Juan is no exception. From beach gatherings to elegant dinners, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We’ll be recommending awesome bonfire night Marbella events happening around town, so you can make the most of it. For now, here are our San Juan Marbella 2024 suggestions:

– Anantara Marbella: Enjoy an exceptional culinary experience, non-stop entertainment, and top-notch music to dance around the bonfire. Celebrate the longest night of the year in style.

-Amare Beach Hotel Marbella: Indulge in a delicious dinner at Hayaca Restaurantflamenco group accompanied by fire juggling, visual shows and San Juan rituals, and a fireworks show starting at 8 PM – what more could you want?

– Marbella Club: Celebrate the Fisherman’s Party of San Juan with Marbella Club, starting at 8 PM. Enjoy outstanding food and drinks, live music, bonfire jumping, fireworks, and much more!

-Nikki Beach Marbella: Celebrate the arrival of summer with the San Juan sunset ritual, honoring the longest day of the year. Dance to the boho beats with guest Frankawara and soak up the magical energy as you send out good wishes for a bright year ahead.

-Playa Padre: Sundays are the highlight at Playa Padre with Boho Sunday and San Juan promises nothing less. It’s bound to be a magical experience where the spirit of bohemian, spiritual, and sensitive souls come together.

-La Plage Casanis: Music takes center stage at Plage Casanis with the “San Juan Sunday Sunset Ritual” DJ set featuring Anton Bodnar, Red alongside guest artist Dj Apache and a fire show and entertainment. Enjoy a fusion of food, music, and love in the vibrant atmosphere of La Plage.

-Siroko Beach Marbella: A great venue for dinner accompanied by live music performances and a very special fire show starting at 8 PM. Be sure to watch out for the event details!

Additionally, vibrant bonfire night Marbella celebrations await at Dune Beach MarbellaBono BeachNosso Summer Beach club and Oyana Beach Marbella in El Rosario area. 

On the west side of Marbella, La Siesta and the newly opened Banus Beach Marbella won’t disappoint. For those in Tarifa or those who fancy celebrating there: BiBo Beach House Dani Garcia Tarifa welcomes you to join the fun for their 5th anniversary celebration! Start the day at 1 PM with delicious food and drinks, enjoy the lively sounds of Morocchos at 6:30 PM, and dance the night away to the rhythm of Mestiza from 9 PM. It’s a perfect way to experience the magic of San Juan with a festive twist by the beach.

Hit the beach and celebrate the San Juan Festival Marbella like a local

For those seeking a more laid-back local experience, why not create your own magic under the stars? Pack your own food an drinks, gather your closest friends, and head to one of Marbella’s beaches for a moonlit soirée. With the sound of waves as your soundtrack and the shimmering sea as your backdrop, it’s an idyllic way to celebrate the solstice in style.

As for organized town hall events:

Marbella’s town hall usually hosts the traditional San Juan night at Playa del Cable, where young people can enjoy live music and participate in activities. Stay updated on the San Juan 2024 Marbella program here

– At Playa La Salida in San Pedro Alcántara, also known as the end of the San Pedro boulevard, typically hosts a live music event as well, alongside a bonfire. Keep an eye out for updates here.

– In Estepona, there’s a long-standing tradition since the 1970s known as ‘Quemando los Bigotes de San Juan’ (Burning the moustache of San Juan). Here, the moustache symbolizes ‘bad people’, as bandits often wore them. Participants create dolls representing infamous local, national, or international personalities. The winning entries are ritually burned on the beach just after midnight. While it’s believe this bring good luck, it’s mostly about having fun and creating a spectacular sight. The best spot to join in Estepona’s San Juan festivities is La Rada Beach, near the centre of the old town, where a stage is set up for a free evening concert starting at 10:00 p.m., featuring performances by Manuel Cortés and Djs ENZOBV and Miguel Carrasco.

san juan in marbella
San Juan Marbella 2024

To Consider:

-Only wood can be used as fuel, and burning plastics, glass, or other dangerous materials is prohibited. 

-You are not allowed to make bonfires on every beach of the city. Bonfires can be held at specific beaches. These are Playa de la Salida in San Pedro, Nueva Andalucía  (next to the BBQ designated area), Playa el Cable, El Pinillo, Playa Alicate, and Real de Zaragoza

– Safety measures include keeping a distance of at least eight meters from beach facilities and no launching of incandescent lanterns. Beach bars can also have controlled bonfires nearby, but they must ensure safety, cleanliness, and extinguish them before 4:00 AM.

-Have fun on San Juan bonfire night and remember to leave the beach as clean as you found it!

San Juan in Marbella: Last Thoughts

San Juan brings people together in a celebration of tradition, community, and joy. As fires dance on the shore and waves whisper secrets to the night, it’s a reminder of the magic found in life’s little moments.

So, whether you’re dancing by a beach bonfire, enjoying festivities at a beach chiringuito, or enjoying a moonlit picnic with loved ones, let the spirit of the season fill the air with joy and inspiration. 

If you need help with reservations or have any questions regarding San Juan festival Marbella, feel free to get in touch. Embrace the magic, cherish the moment, and let the summer warmth fill your soul. Have a happy San Juan!

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Now that we have all the information we need, it’s time to plan your San Juan bonfire night Marbella celebration!


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