A Weekend in Tarifa: Because Why Not?

Welcome to Tarifa, the wind capital of Europe and a paradise for adventure seekers, beach lovers, and history buffs alike! Nestled at the southernmost tip of Spain, Tarifa is known for its white-sand beaches, vibrant old town, and stunning views of Morocco across the Strait of Gibraltar. Whether you’re into kitesurfing, beach bars, or leisurely strolls, here’s how you can spend the perfect weekend in this charming coastal town.

How to Spend the Perfect Weekend in Tarifa

Day 1: Discover Tarifa’s Charm and Captivating Sunsets 

Friday Afternoon/Evening: Sunset Watching

For your first evening, kick-off your Tarifa stay in style by catching one of Tarifa’s breathtaking sunsets. Head to chiringuito Waikiki or Balneario beach club for some of the best views in town, or opt for Trocadero for a more upscale atmosphere and a fancy drink with a partner or friend. After enjoying the sunset, take a stroll through the old town and enjoy an exquisite dinner to end your night on a high note.

If you’re staying in the Valdevaqueros area, consider dining at Bibo Beach House for a relaxing early dinner by the seaside. Watch the sky transform with vivid colors as the sun dips below the horizon, providing a perfect close to your day.

Day 2: Discover Tarifa’s Beach Life

Saturday Morning: Head to Bolonia                                                                                                                  

After a hearty breakfast, take a scenic drive about 20 km north to Bolonia beach. This natural gem boasts miles of golden sand, clear waters, and lush pine forests. One of the highlights of Bolonia is the chance to explore the impressive Roman ruins at Baelo Claudia, which showcase Spain’s ancient history. After visiting the archaeological site, make your way to the Duna de Bolonia, declared a natural monument known for its unique features and ecological significance. Climb the 30-meter-high sand dune for panoramic views of the beach and the African coast. Remember to bring your camera and plenty of water for your adventure!

Afternoon: Lunch at El Mirlo                                                                                                                                   

As you head back to Tarifa, make a detour to Punta Paloma, situated between the beaches of Bolonia and Valdevaqueros, and stop at El Mirlo for a seafood lunch in an untouched natural setting. This family-run restaurant has been a culinary icon in the area for decades. Now, under the guidance of Santiago Guerrero, the corporate chef of Marbella Club resort, it’s reaching new heights. The revamped menu promises an unparalleled dining experience.Enjoy a stunning view of Africa while trying Mediterranean dishes with sophisticated touches and specialties like ‘atún rojo’ or ‘el arroz meloso de carabineros’. Be sure to book in advance to secure a table. Located just a 16-minute drive from Bolonia, El Mirlo is the perfect spot for a delightful meal after exploring Tarifa’s natural beauty.

Evening: Old Town Exploration                                                                                                                         

Dress up and continue your weekend in Tarifa with a wander through the historic old town. The whitewashed buildings, narrow cobbled streets, and charming shops create a bohemian vibe that’s easy to fall in love with. Explore the stylish boutiques and local shops for unique souvenirs like Moroccan lamps, artistic postcards, bohemian summer clothes, custom jewelry, hand-painted ceramics, and nautical-themed accessories —perfect mementos of your trip. After your exploration, wind down your day with another delightful dinner at one of the recommended eateries, soaking in the ambiance and flavors of Tarifa’s culinary scene.

weekend in tarifa
Photo credit: www.elmirlo.es

Day 3: Adventure and Relaxation

Sunday Morning: Explore Tarifa’s Landmarks

On your last morning in Tarifa, you can wrap your sightseeing with visits to two historical landmarks. Begin at the 10th-century Guzmán El Bueno Castle, a restored Moorish fortress built in 960 AD, named after Alonzo Perez de Guzman who defended Tarifa in the late 13th century. Explore the modern interpretation center and ascend to the ramparts  (‘Las Murallas de Tarifa’) for views of Tarifa’s rooftops and the Rif mountains in Morocco. Next, head to Isla de las Palomas, the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula and continental Europe. Walk the causeway built in the early 1800s, Calle Segismundo Moret, connecting the island to the mainland, with the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. 

Afternoon: Chill at the Beach Bar & Watch Kitesurfers                                                                             

After lunch, enjoy a walk along the graffiti-covered beach promenade. Then, head to Playa de los Lances  (the beach closest to Tarifa Old Town) or Los Lances Norte beach and relax at Chiringuito Agua, a lively beach bar that serves as a gathering place for many kitesurfing schools. Soak up the sun, enjoy a mojito, and watch kitesurfers in action. Another great spot is Waves bar, located just down the beach from Chiringuito Agua. Relax among sand dunes and pine trees while sampling their menu. It’s the perfect way to wrap up your weekend in Tarifa!

weekend in tarifa

Where to Stay in Tarifa

Tarifa offers a selection of excellent accommodation options, catering to both oceanfront enthusiasts and those seeking the charm of Old Town. Here are five great places to consider for your stay during a weekend in Tarifa:

The Riad Tarifa: A boutique adults only hotel that blends Moroccan and Andalusian styles, situated in Tarifa’s historic quarter. It offers a serene atmosphere with wellness treatments, including a hammam and massages with essential oils.

La Residencia Tarifa: You can choose between the Hotel & Spa or the Apartments of La Residencia in Tarifa. In either option, you can relax in a heated infinity pool while taking in stunning views of Africa.

Posada La Sacristía: A boutique hotel in Tarifa with wooden beams gracing the high ceiling in the salon and cozy lounge areas. Located in a 17th-century building, it’s just 200 meters from Tarifa’s port and beaches.

Hurricane Beach Hotel:  A Moorish-style hotel facing onto the beach in Tarifa. This hidden gem is 6km away from Tarifa town. 

Villa Punta PalomaA rustic yet sophisticated private home available for exclusive use for up to ten guests. This property is the new member of the Marbella Club family.

weekend in tarifa
Photo credit: www.laresidenciatarifa.com

Where to Eat in Tarifa

Here are four great places to eat in Tarifa for a delicious dining experience:

Bar El Frances: Renowned for its excellent tapas and dishes. Start your evening with delicious pre-dinner bites made with quality ingredients and care. It is so popular that table reservations are essential for lunch or dinner.

El Lola Tarifa: Try traditional Spanish fare in this cozy spot. Enjoy polka dot tablecloths, smiles, Jerez wine, and fresh Tarifa tuna. Immerse yourself in lively song and flamenco dance as El Lola welcomes you. No reservations, but a waiting list is available.

Bar Los Mellis: Los Mellis is a cozy tapas bar in Tarifa known for its focus on fresh seafood dishes. The intimate setting is perfect for socializing with friends before a night out, offering a casual menu with a variety of options for those who prefer lighter fare.

Mesón – ApartaHotel Siglo XIX: Known for its exceptional tuna dishes, this restaurant boasts a great atmosphere at its outdoor tables and serves incredible delicious dishes.

weekend in tarifa
Macerated Red Tuna with Truffles Toast at Mesón - ApartaHotel Siglo XIX

Ready for Tarifa? Get Set for an Unforgettable Adventure!

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie looking to kitesurf, a nature lover wanting to explore, or just seeking a relaxing weekend in Tarifa getaway, Tarifa has it all! Get ready to embrace the wind, the waves, and the wondrous beauty of Tarifa. Need a hand with bookings or more recommendations? Just give us a shout and we’ll get you set up for an unforgettable trip!

We hope this guide has helped you prepare for a wonderful visit to Tarifa!

Thank you for reading: Here’s The Perfect Weekend in Tarifa Itinerary 

A Weekend in Tarifa: Your Questions Answered

The best time to visit Tarifa is from October to May, when the weather is milder and the beaches are less crowded, allowing you to fully enjoy the town’s charm without battling the summer rush. During this period, temperatures are pleasant and consistent, typical of the Mediterranean climate. 

Highs in August can reach the upper 70s, while winter lows generally stay above 50 degrees. Keep in mind that Tarifa is known for its winds all year round, which can be either a delight or an annoyance depending on whether you are visiting for wind sports. The windiest months are from November through April. For hourly wind speed information, the windfinder website or app can be a helpful resource.

Tarifa is just a little over an hour’s drive from Cádiz, making it a convenient option for a day trip or weekend escape. From Malaga, it takes about two and a half hours, and from Marbella, it’s approximately one and a half hours. Take the A7 road towards Algeciras/Cadiz and follow the AP7 until Estepona. Then from Algeciras you follow the N340. Drive through Parque Natural del Estrecho and stop at Mirador del Estrecho for stunning views. 

Tip: Just a quick tip—avoid busy summer Sunday afternoons to skip traffic jams on the N340.

You can get to Tarifa from any one of the three nearby airports is by car:  Jerez  (90 minutes), Malaga Airport (1 hour and 45 minutes) and Seville Airport (2 hours and 20 minutes). Regular flights from major European cities offer affordable options for travelers. Gibraltar (46 minutes)  provides a quick and intriguing choice, particularly for UK travelers.

Absolutely! Tarifa is known as the windiest town in Europe, making it a prime destination for wind sports like kitesurfing. You can choose from various schools and rent equipment easily. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kitesurfer, Tarifa has something for everyone.

Tarifa offers a vibrant nightlife with plenty of bars and clubs to choose from, ideal for a weekend in Tarifa. Enjoy a drink at one of the many bars in the charming alleyways within the castle walls or dance the night away at popular clubs like Mombassa, La Diosa, or Café del Mar. For a late-night party scene, head to Mombassa. These clubs feature live DJ sets, cocktails, and lively dancefloors that stay open until breakfast time.

Tarifa boasts two of the finest beaches in the area perfect for a weekend in Tarifa. Playa de los Lances, situated just north of the town, offers a pristine 10-kilometer stretch of golden sand, exclusively for bathers during the summer. Further north, approximately 10 kilometers from Tarifa, lies Playa de Valdevaqueros. Here, the Levante and Poniente winds create an ever-shifting landscape of sand dunes. Both beaches feature super-cool beach bars, known as chiringuitos.

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