El Pimpi Marbella's Debut: A Culinary Journey Awaits

Get ready for a culinary and cultural treat as the renowned Malaga bodega, El Pimpi, sets its sights beyond its traditional home. In May, El Pimpi is making its debut on the vibrant shores of Marbella, marking its first venture outside the provincial capital.

For those familiar with Malaga’s culinary scene, Bodega el Pimpi needs no introduction. If you’ve ever sought recommendations in Malaga, chances are you’ve been advised, “Pimpi is a must-visit.” With over 50 years of history, El Pimpi Malaga has become a cherished meeting place for both young and old, welcoming  locals and international visitors alike. 

El Pimpi Puente Romano

Now, the good news is spreading – El Pimpi is opening its doors in Puente Romano Beach Resort. Step into a place where you can indulge in the authentic tastes of Andalusia at El Pimpi Puente Romano, where the spirit of Malaga finds a new home by the sea.

El Pimpi: A place with its own enchantment

Steeped in history, El Pimpi occupies an 18th-century manor house on an ancient Roman road, converted into a bodega in 1971 by Francisco Campos and Pepe Cobos. Today, this iconic establishment employs over 140 people and features various halls and patios, each with its own distinctive ambiance, contributing to the bodega’s unique charm.

The décor, distinctly Malaga-esque, embodies the soul of El Pimpi, attracting cultural and artistic luminaries over the years such as Dalí and Lola Flores. From the enchanting patio of La Rempompa to the Carmen Thyssen hall that she herself inaguarated, the main bar, Gloria Fuertes’ patio, and the famous barrel room (“el salón de los barriles”), where Malaga wines were aged and illustrious visitors left their signatures – each space contributes to the rich tapestry of El Pimpi’s history.

Photo credit: www.elpimpi.com

Malaga actor Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas, the acclaimed Malaga actor and enthusiastic partner in El Pimpi’s expansion, is the driving force behind the decision to open in Marbella. Banderas’s deep respect for El Pimpi’s identity, nestled in its historic location facing the Roman theater and adjoining the Picasso Museum, underscores his commitment to spreading the bodega’s cultural allure worldwide. The upcoming El Pimpi Marbella branch  promises a modern touch while retaining the traditional style that has made El Pimpi a global sensation – a concept referred to as “El Pimpi 2.0.”

el pimpi marbella antonio banderas
el pimpi marbella carmen sevilla

El Pimpi Marbella: Local Gastronomy delights

Prepare your taste buds for a gastronomic journey at El Pimpi Marbella, where local, natural, and fresh ingredients take center stage, with a focus on seasonal and organically sourced products. From extra virgin olive oil to succulent Iberian ham and sweet muscatel grape wine, the extensive menu features delights like Ajoblanco with seasonal fruit sorbet, Malaga-style Ensaimada, Fried Eggplant with sugar-cane honey, and Iberian Flamenquín with aged cheese. 

Joining the illustrious lineup at Puente Romano Beach Resort, rubbing shoulders with international names like Coya, Nobu, Cipriani, and Dani García’s Leña project, el Pimpi Marbella is set to become a culinary haven in Marbella. Stay tuned  for the grand opening of el Pimpi Marbella and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of El Pimpi’s flavors and traditions.

Renowned for its 50-year legacy, Bodega el Pimpi stands out as one of the wine cellars with the most ‘solera’ (longstanding tradition and prestige) in Malaga. Indulge in a delightful journey through local gastronomy and wines, where every sip and bite captures the essence of southern Spain’s rich tradition and culture.

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