Guía Macarfi 2024 in Málaga:

In the rich tapestry of Málaga’s culinary scene, the Guía Macarfi stands as a beacon, illuminating the finest dining establishments across the province. Held in high regard among  more than 2,000 gastronomes and food enthusiasts, the Guía Macarfi, founded in 2015, meticulously evaluates and rates over 3,000 restaurants, celebrating excellence in cuisine, decor, service, and price.

This year, the ninth edition awards gala of the Guía Macarfi, held on February 5th at the NH Málaga hotel, unveiled the top culinary destinations that define Málaga’s gastronomic identity. From time-honored favorites to innovative newcomers, these restaurants represent the epitome of culinary excellence.

Join us as we embark on a gastronomic journey through Málaga’s top 10 restaurants according to the Guía Macarfi 2024:

  1. 1. Bardal: Maintaining its Michelin star in 2024, Bardal in Ronda leads the pack, epitomizes culinary excellence.
  2. 2. Kaleja: Securing the second spot, Kaleja in Málaga brings its unique culinary flair to the forefront.
  3. 3. Los Marinos José: With a three-decade legacy, this Fuengirola gem sources its freshness directly from the sea.
  4. 4. Back: Besides earning a new Michelin star, Back captures hearts with its culinary artistry and is also featured among the top restaurants in the Guía Macarfi 2024.
  5. 5. Skina: Besides maintaining its renown in Marbella, Skina continues to shine with its distinct offerings and also holds its place among the top restaurants in this guide.
  6. 6. El Lago Restaurante: Despite losing a Michelin star, El Lago in Marbella maintains its status as a culinary gem.
  7. 7. La Milla Marbella: An establishment synonymous with elegance and sophistication, La Milla in Marbella secures a spot among Málaga’s elite.
  8. 8. Nintai: Another great gem in Marbella maintaining its Michelin star in 2024, Nintai, a project by entrepreneur Marcos Granda, continues to offer an intimate dining experience.
  9. 9. José Carlos García: Adding to Málaga’s richness, José Carlos García stands as a culinary stalwart.
  10. 10. Kava: Completing the top 10, Kava, another gem in Marbella’s culinary crown, stands out with its unique culinary identity. 

Among these, Marcos Granda’s ventures, Skina and Nintai, designed for just 12 diners, add an element of innovation and exclusivity. The list also features stalwarts like José Carlos García and El Lago, alongside Back, La Milla, and Kava, each contributing a distinctive culinary character to Málaga’s extensive gastronomic offerings.

Guía Macarfi 2024
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Our journey through Málaga’s gastronomic treasures unveils a curated selection of the top 10 restaurants by Guía Macarfi 2024. From the time-honored excellence of Bardal to the inventive flair of Kaleja, each establishment contributes to Málaga’s rich tapestry of flavors. Whether a local enthusiast or a visitor seeking Andalusia’s finest, these celebrated restaurants promise an unforgettable gastronomic experience. 

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