Three Málaga coffee shops have been awarded 'The Best Coffee Shops' in Spain

If you’re a coffee lover in Málaga or planning a visit, here’s some exciting news: three local specialty coffee shops have claimed the prestigious title of ‘The Best Coffee Shops’ in Spain, a triumph celebrated at the second edition of Coffee Fest, the International Coffee Festival held in IFEMA MADRID from February 17 to 20. Amidst the congregation of coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals, iconic figures like James Hoffmann, the ‘Messi of coffee,’ graced the festival lineup, featuring over 40 coffee roasters showcasing their finest brews.

Málaga, renowned for its traditional cafeterias, is now redefining itself as a haven for specialty coffee, marking a significant stride in its evolving coffee culture. The city’s commitment to coffee excellence shines through the distinguished ranking, featuring 61 establishments for offering “good coffee, with good raw materials, well prepared, and with an environment that elevates the experience,” according to the organizers.

In Spain, with 44 million cups enjoyed at home and 22 million in local bars and cafés daily, Málaga has solidified its status as a hub for coffee enthusiasts. The rise of independent cafés and ascend of third-wave coffee culture are reshaping the city into a sought-after destination for aficionados of high-quality specialty coffee.

This win goes beyond a good cup of brew; it’s about the entire coffee experience – from the quality of the beans and the skill of the baristas to the cozy vibes of the coffee shop. Now, let’s delve into the in spotlight-stealing winners.

Here are Málaga's best coffee shop winners:

First up in this blog is Kima Coffee, a premier coffee roastery and chic café in Málaga.  With a sleek white interior and a focus on transparency, Kima sets high standards for its specialty coffee. In 2022, they secured victory in the Spain Roasters Competition, a testament to their excellence, but also they secured victory in the national Aeropress championship with their “Bombe Q1” – Ethiopian Natural, marking a significant leap from their second-place finish in 2021.

Indulge in incredible flavors and expertly crafted coffee at Kima. Savor a perfect brew with beautiful latte art while enjoying the bustling ambiance of one of Málaga‘s finest cafés. While you are at it, try their homemade banana bread for a sweet delight. Experience the exceptional at Kima Coffee – your go-to for exquisite specialty coffee in Málaga.

The other Málaga coffee shop making waves on the list is Mía Coffee House – a true gem in the city’s vibrant coffee scene. Tucked away in a small square behind the Carmen Thyssen Museum, Mía Coffee House is renowned for its cozy ambiance and a menu featuring not only exceptional coffee but also a selection of delectable treats like the orange bizcocho, berries cake, and banana bread.

What sets Mía apart is its commitment to diverse coffee experiences. Teaming up with Mountain Coffee and other speciality coffee roasteries, they carefully handle wild beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, and various locations, creating a unique blend adapting to each season

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a charming spot to unwind, Mía Coffee House is among the best cafés in Málaga and a must-visit. 

And, of course, you won’t want to miss Next Level Specialty Coffee – where the essence of coffee meets the delight of brunch! With two locations, including one near Málaga’s bustling Alameda Principal, this vibrant and eclectic hipster café adds a colorful twist to your coffee journey, conveniently close to the Atarazanas central market.

What makes this spot truly special is its commitment to using quality beans sourced from esteemed European micro-roasters like Manhattan and Mountain Coffee. Choose from their house blend or single-origin beans for a perfect cup, and don’t stop there – explore various filter coffee options or take home your favorite beans. 

But it’s not just about the coffee. Next Level Specialty Coffee elevates your brunch game with delicious options like crispy bagels, delightful sourdough toast with avocado and egg, french toast cream. Join them for a taste of the exceptional!

These standout coffee spots go beyond delivering a caffeine fix – they craft environments where sipping coffee becomes an experience, blending quality, passion, and comfort. Imagine enjoying your favorite brew in a place that truly elevates the coffee game.

Stay tuned for Series II of our guide to Málaga’s best cafés and coffee shops. Your journey through the city’s vibrant coffee scene continues – from invigorating morning pick-me-ups to serene decaf delights. 

So, whether you’re in Málaga or planning a visit, don’t miss the chance to savor award-winning coffee at Kima Coffee, Mía Coffee Shop, and Next Level Specialty Coffee. It’s not just coffee; it’s a taste of the best specialty coffee in Málaga. Here’s to good coffee and the places that make it memorable!

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