This holiday season, if you’re tempted to trade the coastal charm of Marbella for the enchanting landscapes of Granada and the snowy wonders of Sierra Nevada, we’ve got you covered!

Granada, a gem in Spain’s crown, invites you to explore its historical charm and cultural richness.  Alongside the world-renowned Alhambra, this lively Andalusian city captivates visitors with genuine flamenco venues, awe-inspiring Moorish architecture, and a unique free tapas culture that sets it apart from any other destination. Don’t miss the chance to warm up in style at the city’s fabulous Arab baths and cozy teterias, making your visit to Granada a truly enriching and unforgettable experience.

Stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Albaicín, where medieval streets adorned with white-washed houses and vibrant bougainvillea invite exploration. Let the rhythmic beats of flamenco infuse your holiday with passion, and the warm hospitality of the locals make Granada a must-visit during the festive season.

Sierra Nevada transforms into  a magical destination during Christmas, with the resort coming alive with festive decor, sparkling lights, and joyful vibes.

Where is Sierra Nevada Based?

Just a short drive from Granada, Sierra Nevada unfolds as a winter wonderland. A mere 45-minute journey by car or taxi unveils a breathtaking mountain range, ideal for those seeking both holiday charm and snowy adventures Sierra Nevada becomes a magical destination during Christmas.

As Europe’s most southern ski resort, Sierra Nevada is celebrated for its sunlit days, lively après-ski scene, and a vast 2,500 hectares of skiable terrain.

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Ski Season and Passes:

Embark on an unforgettable ski adventure as Sierra Nevada’s 23/24 season kicks off this year on December 5th. Typically starting in late November or early December, depending on snow conditions and snowfall, the season runs until April. This ensures an extended window of opportunity for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts to enjoy the slopes. Opening and closing dates may vary based on snow conditions, so stay informed by checking the official Sierra Nevada website for the latest updates.

Maximise your fun without breaking the bank by snagging  multi-day ski passes, a budget-friendly alternative to daily lift tickets. Get all the deets and plan your skiing escapade by checking out the official Sierra Nevada website here.

Here’s a savvy tip: Secure your ski gear in advance to ensure a smooth ride on the slopes. The resort and local ski schools offer hassle-free rental services to make your snowy escapade absolutely seamless!

Ski Resort Delights:

The slopes of Sierra Nevada cater to every skier, from the gentle trails of Borreguiles to the challenging runs of Veleta and the scenic beauty of Loma de Dilar. Beginners and intermediates find bliss in Borreguiles’ wide, gentle slopes, while Veleta beckons the intermediate and advanced with more challenging terrain. For off-piste skiing and stunning vistas, Loma de Dilar awaits.

Activities for Kids:

Families, fear not! Sierra Nevada offers kid-friendly adventures, from snowman building to tubing thrills. Mirlo Blanco Fun Park adds an extra sprinkle of excitement. Don’t miss the Russian sleigh ride—a thrilling bobsled-roller coaster combo that promises an adrenaline rush. Sierra Nevada caters to families with young children with a nursery near the cable car, allowing parents to hit the slopes, knowing their little ones are in capable hands.

Après-Ski Bliss:

After a day on the slopes, indulge in cozy après-ski time. Warm fireplaces in mountain lodges, hot cocoa or mulled wine, and tales of snowy adventures await. 

Sierra Nevada’s vibrant après-ski scene extends to bars, restaurants, and entertainment options. After a day on the slopes, you can unwind at mountain bars or savor a traditional Spanish meal. Occasional events and live music add to the lively atmosphere. Try El Lodge or Maribel for a festive tipple amid the winter charm.

For a unique experience, save the date for Beso Beach’s grand opening in Sierra Nevada on December 4th. This exclusive beach-themed venue, infusing summer vibes into the snowy surroundings at The Mountains Sierra Nevada Hotel, invites you to swap your flip-flops for winter coats and boots. Beyond the promise of holiday cheer, Beso Beach brings a dash of Mediterranean flair to the winter landscape, transforming this occasion into an exclusive fusion of warmth and cool, celebrating the essence of both festivity and tranquility. We recommend making a reservation to ensure you secure your spot for this extraordinary blend of warm festivities and cool winter charm.

Accommodation: Our Favorite Winter Retreats

Unwind  in comfort at two distinguished accommodations – El Lodge Ski & Spa and Maribel Ski & Après Ski, both handpicked as our personal favorites amid Sierra Nevada’s snowy landscapes. Each hotel boasts its unique and complementary identity: El Lodge emanates an alpine charm, standing as a true gem among boutique hotels, while Maribel Ski & Après Ski exudes sophistication, making it a beloved choice for its unique ambiance. Beyond their distinctive personalities, both hotels offer common benefits to guests, including direct slope access, shared use of the Kids Club, spa areas, outdoor pools, and the convenience of settling bills at either hotel, regardless of the reservation location. 

Enjoy warm hospitality, breathtaking views, and capture the magic of Christmas in these stylish havens. Make your Sierra Nevada stay truly magical with our personalized favorites.

For additional accommodation recommendations, explore our curated list of awesome hotels in Sierra Nevada

As you plan your Christmas getaway from Marbella to Granada and Sierra Nevada, unwrap the gifts of festive charm and snowy delights, creating memories that will last a lifetime. If you need any assistance or recommendations, we’re more than happy to help. Happy holidays!

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