Explore Sierra Nevada—a year-round destination with diverse landscapes and activities. From the southern ski resort in Europe, Pradollano, to the highest peak, Pico Mulhacén, and the charming white villages of Las Alpujarras, it’s a picturesque escape. Your perfect retreat, where stunning views blend with cozy mountain getaways. Whether you prefer fancy stays or quiet hideouts, we’ve picked seven hotels capturing Sierra Nevada’s essence. Ready for your next adventure? Let’s get started!

Here Are Our Top Hotel Picks:

El Lodge Ski & Spa: Your alpine-style retreat           
Elevated at 2,100 meters, El Lodge Ski & Spa stands as a luxurious mountain escape. Built with wood imported from Finnish Lapland, this boutique hotel radiates a unique and chic vibe. Boasting ski-in/ski-out access, it seamlessly blends alpine charm and opulence, delivering an unrivaled experience.

Perfect for both couples and families seeking a high-end mountain retreat, El lodge offers the rare delight of skiing from your door. After a day on the slopes, unwind in the outdoor heated pool or treat yourself to gourmet delights while soaking in panoramic views of the snow-covered peaks.

For more details about this exceptional escape, explore El Lodge, Ski & Spa.

Hotel Maribel: Alpine Elegance
Hotel Maribel and its alpine elegance stand as Sierra Nevada’s sophisticated retreat. With a mix of high-altitude enjoyment on and off the slopes, the ski-in/ski-out lifestyle hotel, located at 2,250 meters, offers direct access to the Maribel and Águila slopes. Offering an intimate and exclusive experience, Hotel Maribel boasts well-appointed rooms, a gourmet restaurant, and proximity to the ski lifts, inviting guests to luxuriate in the mountain charm while reveling in the warmth of personalised hospitality. What more could you ask for? It’s a mountain escape that’s as stylish as it is fun!

Explore Maribel Hotel for a memorable stay. Find out more here.

Vincci Selección Rumaykiyya: Mountain Retreat
Located amidst the rugged beauty of the Sierra Nevada National Park, Vincci Selección Rumaykiyya is a haven for those seeking a mountain retreat. The hotel’s distinctive architecture blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings, providing an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Unwind in the spa or relish local cuisine in the on-site restaurant, all while surrounded by the breathtaking vistas of Sierra Nevada.

Discover the charm of Vincci Selección Rumaykiyya. Learn more here.

Melía Sierra Nevada: Summit Sophistication
At the foot of the Veleta peak, Meliá Sierra Nevada stands as a testament to summit sophistication. With its contemporary design and upscale amenities, this hotel is a skier’s paradise, offering direct access to the ski lifts. Following a day on the slopes, rejuvenate in the spa, or savor Andalusian delicacies at the panoramic restaurant with views of the mountainous landscape.

Conveniently positioned near the resort’s main ski lifts,Meliá Sierra Nevada allows you to seamleslly ski door-to-door from El Río and Águila slopes. Pretty great, right? We believe this hotel is an ideal choice for a family-friendly and memorable skiing experience in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Get to know this exquisite Hotel. Explore details here.

The Mountains Hotel: Alpine Retreat in the Heart of Pradollano
Situated in the heart of Pradollano, The Mountains Hotel (formerly Hotel Ziryab) offers an alpine retreat with easy access to the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, 100 meters from the Al-Andalus and Borreguiles chairlifts. The hotel’s warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with modern amenities, creates a welcoming haven for both winter sports enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful mountain getaway. The Mountains Hotel boasts the largest outdoor spa in Europe. The cozy rooms and on-site restaurant add to the overall charm.

Moreover, The Mountains Hotel goes beyond traditional accommodations by featuring a leisure space curated by the BesoBeach group. This adds a vibrant après-ski experience, complete with live music, panoramic terraces for witnessing enchanting sunsets, and a top-tier gastronomic selection.

Experience the serenity of The Mountains Hotel. Uncover details for your stay here.

Hotel GHM Monachil: Tranquil Elegance
Situated in the charming village of Monachil, Hotel GHM Monachil offers a serene escape surrounded by the Sierra Nevada’s tranquility. The hotel seamlessly blends modern comfort with the region’s rustic charm, providing a tranquil haven after a day of exploring nearby hiking trails. The picturesque setting and personalised service create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

Adding to its charm, Hotel GHM Monachil offers ski-in, ski-out convenience, located at the base of the piste. Ideal for beginners, it boasts a novice ski slope and lift located less than 200 yards away.

Learn more about the Hotel GHM Monachil here.

Hotel Kenia Nevada: Mountain-View Splendor
Perched at the entrance of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, Hotel Kenia Nevada offers a retreat in the midst of breathtaking mountain views. The hotel’s spacious rooms, wellness facilities, and a terrace overlooking the peaks create an idyllic setting for relaxation. Explore the nearby trails or simply bask in the beauty of Sierra Nevada from the comfort of your mountain-view room.

Hotel Kenia Nevada awaits your Arrival. Delve into the details for a relaxing getaway.

And there you have it – Sierra Nevada’s beauty is not just a backdrop; it’s an integral part of the luxury and serenity offered by these exceptional hotels. Whether you’re seeking a snowy retreat or a summer mountain escape, these accommodations promise an immersive experience, allowing you to relish the magic of Sierra Nevada in style. 

Explore more in our Sierra Nevada blog for an abundance of inspiration to kickstart your trip planning. If you need assistance with bookings or advice, email us at hello@taolivin.com – we’re happy to help! 

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Short FAQs
About Sierra Nevada, Spain
  • When is the best time to visit Sierra Nevada for a hotel stay?
    The ideal time to visit Sierra Nevada depends on your preferences. Winter is perfect for ski enthusiasts, while summer offers lush landscapes for hiking and outdoor activities. Spring and fall provide a pleasant climate for a more relaxed stay.
  • What makes Sierra Nevada a popular destination for travelers?
    Sierra Nevada is renowned for its stunning mountainous landscapes, offering a perfect blend of winter ski thrills and summer scenic beauty. Visitors are drawn to its breathtaking views, outdoor activities, and charming accommodations.
  • What types of accommodations are available?
    Sierra Nevada offers a diverse range of accommodations, including luxurious hotels with panoramic views, cozy boutique options, and comfortable apartments. Whether you seek a ski-in/ski-out experience or a tranquil retreat, there's an option to suit every preference.
  • Which hotels are recommended for ski enthusiasts?
    For ski enthusiasts, El Lodge Ski & Spa and Meliá Sierra Nevada are top picks, providing convenient access to the slopes along with luxurious amenities and services.
  • How do I plan my trip and book hotels in Sierra Nevada?
    Dive into our blog for all the details you need. When you're ready to book, head to your favorite booking platforms or the hotel websites – it's as easy as that! And hey, if you want a bit of extra help or some friendly advice, feel free to get in touch!

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