Blue Flag Beaches in Marbella

With summer holidays in full swing, we’re all looking to lounge on pristine shores and soak up the sun. If you’re a beach enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to know that Marbella, a beach lover’s paradise, boasts 24 stunning beaches along its 27 km coastline. 

This year, Marbella has once again topped the Andalusian municipalities with the highest number of Blue Flags, earning eleven awards for its beaches and ports. Out of these, nine are for beaches and two for ports, marking an impressive increase of two from last year. Let’s dive into what makes these Blue Flag beaches and ports in Marbella so special.

What is the Blue Flag?

The Blue Flag recognition was launched in France in 1985 by the Foundation for Environmental Education (EFEE) with the goal of identifying beaches meeting strict environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility standards. In Spain, the Association for Environmental Education and Education of Consumers (ADEAC in Spanish) oversees assessments and carry outs inspections.

This internationally recognized quality label signifies eco-excellence for beaches and ports across fifty-one countries. It represents a commitment to offering visitors a top-notch experience. To earn the Blue Flag, beaches must adhere to rigorous criteria, including environmental education, water quality monitoring, sustainable management, and providing essential services like public facilities and first aid equipment. Meeting environmental legislation, cleanliness, proper waste management, and ensuring easy, safe access are also vital for obtaining this esteemed recognition. 

The 11 Blue Flag Beaches and Ports in Marbella for 2024:

Here, are the 11 beaches and ports awarded a Blue Flag to help you plan your next trip to Marbella.

1. Fontanilla

Stretching approximately 1 km in length, Fontanilla beach is known for its golden sands and family-friendly atmosphere. Its prime location near the city center provides easy access to a range of amenities, including water sports and lively, casual beachside chiringuitos and eateries. Visitors can rent sun loungers and parasols at reasonable prices, making it a convenient and enjoyable spot for a day at the beach.

2. Nagüeles

Nestled on the prestigious Golden Mile, Nagüeles Beach is a top choice for both locals and tourists due to its upscale ambiance and stunning views of the Mediterranean. As one of the most beautiful beaches in Marbella, it attracts a significant crowd, especially during the peak summer months. Visitors can enjoy swimming in clean, calm waters, rent sun loungers, and soak up the sun.

best european destination 2024 by forbes
Embarcadero | Blue Flag Beach Marbella

3. Casablanca

Casablanca Beach offers a tranquil escape perfect for those seeking serenity amidst their coastal adventures. This idyllic spot, bordered by a string of resorts and extending from Fontanilla beach, boasts a tranquil atmosphere complemented by calm waters – perfect for relaxing strolls and quiet sunbathing. Here, visitors can find respite and convenience, with numerous bars, restaurants, and sun loungers readily available to cater to their every need.

Playa de Nagüeles
Playa Casablanca | Blue Flag Beach Marbella

4. El Cable

El Cable Beach, named after the old cable tower, is renowned among locals. Its fine sand and excellent facilities, complemented by the vibrant atmosphere of beachfronts gems like Playa Padre, it stands out as Marbella’s trendiest coastal destination. Despite its official name, it’s also known as Bounty Beach, thanks to the popular bar nearby. It’s a hotspot for water sports enthusiasts and sun-seekers, making it a must-visit spot for those craving fun in the sun.

5. El Faro

El Faro Beach, with its iconic lighthouse, offers a picturesque setting and is perfect for families. Though modest in size at 200 meters long and 30 meters wide, this beach features calm waters and a playground, making it ideal for children.  Its convenient location close to  Marbella’s Old Town and numerous hotels contributes to its popularity, ensuring a lively atmosphere.

6. Puerto Banús- Levante

Spanning 1 km in length and 50 meters in width, Puerto Banús – Levante Beach, is located near the famous marina, draws a chic crowd seeking high-end experiences. With its fine golden sand and a protected cove due to a breakwater, it offers a tranquil oasis for beachgoers. The calm, shallow waters make it particularly appealing to families with children. Don’t miss the newly opened Banus Beach Marbella restaurant, adding another later of fun to this chic coastal hotspot.

7. San Pedro Alcántara (Guadalmina) 

Playa Guadalmina lies between Puerto Banús and San Pedro, alongside to Marbella’s historic Guadalmina Club de Golf, which has attracted esteemed guests like Dukes of Windsor, Henry Ford, and Sean Connery. With its expansive stretch of san and laid-back atmosphere, this beach invites visitors to indulge in leisurely beach days. Enjoy lovely views spanning from Gibraltar to the Moroccan Rif mountains while relishing in a variety of beachfront dining options, including the known Barbillon Marbella and Macaao Beach Club.

8. Venús-Bajadilla

Venus-Bajadilla Beach, near Marbella Marina, is perfect for families seeking seaside fun. Playa la Venus is named after a bronze statue of Venus played there in 1972, offering a children’s play area and various water sports. La Playa Bajadilla, just a short stroll from the Old Town, offers a relaxed vibe and easy access from nearby hotels. Both beaches boast clear waters, lively promenades, and ample facilities, making them ideal spots for a day by the sea.

9. Cabopino (replaced Adelfas-Alicate beach)

Playa Cabopino is a family-friendly beach with fine sand and shallow waters, ideal for a day of relaxation and fun. You can rent equipment for water sports or embark on a dolphin-watching trip. This beach connects with Playa Artola, known for its natural beauty and unique environment, as it is the only beach in Marbella is not backed by any urbanization. Home to the protected Dunas de Artola, this hidden gem with natural dunes and crystal-clear waters, offer a rustic and tranquil beach experience.  This area is free from restaurants, shops, and hotels. 

Blue Flag Beaches in Marbella
Cabopino Dunas de Artola

Marbella Ports with Blue Flag Awards:

10. Puerto Deportivo Virgen del Carmen de Marbella

Puerto Deportivo Virgen del Carmen is a vibrant marina in the heart of Marbella. It offers excellent facilities for boaters and a lively waterfront with shops and restaurants.

11. Puerto José Banús

Puerto José Banús is the epitome of luxury marinas, attracting the world’s elite with its impressive yachts, designer boutiques, and upscale dining options. The port has once again been awarded the Blue Flag, underlining their firm commitment to becoming a sustainable marina.

Puerto José Banús

Discover Nerja's Pristine Burriana Beach: A Drive from Marbella

Spain proudly holds the Guinness World Record for the most Blue Flag beaches in 2022, with Burriana Beach in Nerja shining as a prime example. This sandy paradise offers everything you need for a perfect beach day, from sun loungers to clean facilities and even a scuba diving area. Stroll along the bustling promenade, filled with shops and eateries, and soak up the sun in this coastal haven. With over 600 Blue Flag beaches across Spain as of May 2024, the country continues to set the standard for seaside excellence. And for those staying in Marbella, a scenic 1.30h drive brings you to this coastal gem in Nerja.

No. of Blue Flag beaches: 639 (as of May 2024)

Nerja Playa Burriana beach, Spain

Blue Flag Beaches in Marbella: Last Thoughts

Marbella’s beaches and ports continue to set the standard for excellence with their Blue Flag awards, reflecting the city’s commitment to quality, safety, and environmental care. Whether you’re looking to relax on golden sands, engage in thrilling water sports, or enjoy the luxurious marina life, Marbella offers something for everyone. This summer, let the pristine beaches of Marbella be your perfect getaway.

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Now that we have all the information we need about the Blue Flag beaches in Marbella, it’s time to plan your trip!


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