Things to do in Marbella with kids when it rains

So, you’ve found yourself in Marbella with your bundle (s) of joy, only to be greeted by the pitter-patter of raindrops? Don’t worry, fellow parental adventurers! Despite Marbella’s reputation for sunny skies, it’s always wise to have a few wet-weather tricks up your sleeve to keep the kids entertained.

Yes, it’s true that rain is Marbella is rare, even in the winter months. But hey, a little rain never hurt anyone, right? And with Marbella offering a plethora of indoor activities, there’s no shortage of fun to be had, rain or shine. Let’s dive into the world of indoor things to do in Marbella with kids when it rains that’ll keep your little ones (and maybe even you) entertained.

Rainy Day Adventures in Marbella with the Kiddos

1. Bounce into Fun

Who says rainy days mean staying cooped up indoors? Not us! Take your energetic tots to Costa Jump in San Pedro de Alcantara or Bobby Jump in Marbella East for a bouncing good time. With trampolines galore, zip lines, and even a dash of Ninja Warrior action for the older kiddos, these indoor parks are like gravity-defying wonderlands. Just make sure your little monkeys stretch those leggies before they start or risk the dreaded next-day waddle!

2. Little Picassos

Release your little artiste’s inner creativity at a kids’ art club. Whether your mini-Monet prefers finger painting or sculpting masterpieces out of Play-Doh, there’s something for every budding artist. Who knows, you might even discover the next Picasso in the making – right in your living room! Our top pick is Little Picassos Marbella, where imagination knows no bounds and creativity blooms with every stroke of the brush.

3. Mini-Chef Delight at the Food Room

Got a little Gordon Ramsay in the making? Let your kiddos don their chef’s hat and apron at the Food Room. These hands-on cooking classes are more than just lessons; they’re culinary adventures that’ll have your little sous chefs whipping up deliciousness in no time. Get ready to savor some seriously scrumptious treats made with love by your pint-sized chefs!

4. Watch a Movie at Cinema

When the rain’s pouring down outside, there’s nothing better than cozying up with a bucket of popcorn and a good movie. Head to Red Dog Cinema in Puerto Banús for a cinematic experience that’ll transport your little ones to far-off lands and imaginary worlds. With selected films in English, it’s movie magic for the whole family. 

And why not catch the latest installment of Kung Fu Panda 4 – because let’s face it, who can resist the antics of Po and the Furious Five? For even more movie magic, be sure to check out the screening schedule at Kinépolis Marbella in La Cañada shopping center. It’s the perfect way to combine a day of shopping and family fun.

5. Let the Good Times Roll with Bowling

Strike! Embrace your little bowling champions at Los Arqueros Bowling in Marbella. Whether they’re seasoned pros or first-time bowlers, it’s all about fun and friendly competition. So lace up those bowling shoes and get ready to roll some strikes!

  1. 6. Chocolate Making for Families

Calling all chocoholics! Dive into a cocoa-filled adventure at the Mayan Monkey Mijas Chocolate Factory. Not only do your little ones get to indulge in all things chocolatey, but they also get to craft their very own chocolate bars. It’s like Willy Wonka’s factory come to life, minus the psychedelic boat ride (thankfully).

7. Butterfly Park

Flutter on over to Benalmadena for a tropical escape at the Butterfly Park. Step into a world of vibrant colors and delicate wings as you and your little explorers wander through lush gardens teeming with butterflies. It’s like a fairy tale come to life, minus the evil witches and talking animals (we hope).

Rainy Day Family Attractions in Malaga

And if you’re willing to venture a bit further, why not explore Malaga’s museums on a rainy day? From the awe-inspiring Pompidou Centre to the interactive wonders of MIMA and the Automotive Museum, there’s a museum for every interest and age group. Just remember to book your tickets in advance – nobody likes a rainy day queue!

So there you have it, parents – a rainy day itinerary that’ll turn those stormy skies into an adventure-filled escapade for your little rascals. Who says rain has to put a damper on your fun? Embrace the puddles, grab your umbrellas, and let the good times roll!

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Looking for more ways to keep your little ones entertained, rain or shine?

Check out our comprehensive guide at for a plethora of both indoor and outdoor activities in Marbella. From museums to outdoor adventures, there’s something for every mood and weather condition.

Things to do in Marbella with kids when it rains: Your Top Questions Answered

Most indoor activity centers in Marbella operate year-round, ensuring visitors have entertainment options regardless of the weather. However, it’s advisable to check their schedules for any updates or changes.

Marbella experiences approximately 45 rainy days annually. Despite occasional showers, daytime temperatures average around +18 °C, offering comfortable conditions for most of the year. For ideal vacation weather, plan your visit between May and late September when temperatures range from +25 °C to +29 °C. Don’t forget to pack a warm cape, cardigan, or jumper for cooler evenings.

Marbella is fantastic for families with kids. From its beautiful beaches to its array of outdoor and indoor activities, Marbella offers plenty of fun and excitement for children of all ages. Whether you’re exploring parks, enjoying water sports, or visiting family-friendly attractions, Marbella has something for everyone to enjoy.

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