Sunset in Marbella

As the day winds down, there’s something special about watching a sunset. Whether it’s the bright city lights or the last rays dancing on the peaceful ocean waves, each sunset is like a beautiful painting in the sky. Come along with us as we explore the best places in Marbella to catch this magical moment. From beaches to hidden spots, Marbella has it all. So, grab your camera and let’s go chase a Marbella sunset!

Timing is Everything

To fully appreciate the splendor of a Marbella dusk, timing is everything. Planning ahead and knowing exactly when the day’s light will fade ensures you make the most of this mesmerizing experience. Be mindful that the Marbella sunset times vary throughout the year, so be sure to check the current sunset time here.

During the summer months, sunset occurs later, typically after 9:00 p.m., while in winter, you can expect it between 6-7 p.m.

Top Spots to See the Sunset in Marbella:

1. Cabopino Beach

Let’s kick off our exploration at one of Marbella’s iconic sunset spots – Cabopino Beach. Follow a short stretch of sand dunes leading to a picturesque promontory, offering stunning backdrops as the sun descends. This idyllic setting is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a sunset picnic overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Convenient free parking is available just minutes away from the trail, ensuring easy access for this enchanting destination.

sunset in marbella
Sunset Marbella Beach | Playa de Cabopino (Cabopino Beach)

2. El Fuerte Marbella

For an elegant end to the day, catch the Marbella sunset at Hotel El Fuerte Marbella. Its fantastic location near the old town of Marbella and panoramic views of the Mediterranean make it the ideal place to enjoy ‘golden hour’ across all its dining areas. Our fav spots include the rooftop terrace and the serene ambiance of Soleo, El Fuerte Marbella’s beach club.

sunset in marbella
Soleo Marbella | Photo credit:

3. Bar La Siesta Marbella

Feel like watching a sunset while grooving to deep house tunes? Then make sure you make a pit stop in La Siesta, which not only has some of the best tunes in town but also boasts breathtaking views. La Siesta is special for many reasons, particularly because this laid-back wooden beach bar is the only one of its kind in Marbella. Combine a place to hang out with friends, Mediterranean vistas, and a DJ to set the mood, and you’ve got the recipe for a fun evening. 

4. La Plage Casanis

This iconic establishment is not only a favourite for its atmosphere but also for its stunning sunset views. With world-renowned DJs providing the soundtrack, this iconic spot is synonymous with sunset parties. Sunday evenings are especially vibrant, with DJs spinning tunes on the beach as the awe-striking sunset descends behind the breathtaking Mediterranean ocean. It gets quite busy, so for the best views and pictures while enjoying a cocktail and watching the sunset, head to the front of the beach.

5. Luuma Beach Marbella

Head to Luuma Beach Marbella for dazzling views of the Mediterranean coastline and an opportunity to capture some great beach sunset pictures. Located in the fabulous El Rosario neighborhood of Marbella, this beach restaurant is a popular destination. Try their delightful Belgian Prawn Croquettes, while you’re there.

sunset in marbella
LUUMA Beach Marbella

6. Chiringuito Victor's Beach Marbella

Located in the beautiful coastal area between Marbella and Puerto Banús, Victor’s beach is a fabulous beach restaurant with a very relaxing ambiance, friendly staff, and stunning sunset views. Here, you can relax and watch the sky turn brilliant colors as the sun sets over the sea. If you are in the area, Victor’s beach is the ideal spot to unwind and soak in the beauty of nature.

marbella sunset beach
Photo credit: Victor’s Beach Bar 1978

7. El Kiosko Kite Surf Marbella

This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of El Kiosko Kite Surf Marbella. This beach hub offers a perfect blend of good music, friendly service, and great food at reasonable prices. Argentinian meat and empanadas against the backdrop of a stunning sunset – sounds like the perfect plan, doesn’t it?

8. From a boat

Perhaps one of the most magical ways to see a sunset in Marbella is from the deck of a sailboat. Hiring a boat in Marbella is a  must-do activity, with many companies offering sunset excursions. Whether you choose a private charter or join a group tour, watching the sunset setting over the sea, with La Concha mountain as a backdrop, is a unforgettable experience.

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Where to Watch the Sunset in Marbella: Last Thoughts

Whether you’re drawn to the lively energy of a beach bar or crave the tranquility of a secluded spot, Marbella caters to every sunset seeker. Each location promises an unforgettable experience, where nature’s beauty takes center stage. So, get ready to be spellbound by nature’s nightly masterpiece unfolding in this captivating Mediterranean haven.

If you’re planning your next adventure in Marbella, let TAO LIVIN’ be your guide. With our insider knowledge and impeccable service, we’ll ensure you capture the essence of these magical moments.

Stay tuned as we continue to discover and update this page with new spots to watch a sunset in Marbella.

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