Romantic Restaurants in Marbella

Marbella, with its captivating beaches and charming atmosphere, offers the perfect backdrop for a memorable Valentine’s Day or any romantic date night. Whether you’re igniting romance or celebrating love, we’ve curated a list of Marbella’s most romantic restaurants. These handpicked gems promise not only exquisite cuisine but also an intimate ambiance, ensuring a truly special date night.

Here are eleven scenic havens for a romantic date night in Marbella:

1. Nota Blu New Brasserie

Step into Nota Blu New Brasserie, where modern meets traditional in the heart of Marbella. Created by Zazou Belounis, this restaurant is a fusion of sophistication inspired by Paris and New York, seamlessly blended with the natural charm of its surroundings. Chef Fabián Cangas ensures a diverse Mediterranean-influenced menu, emphasizing quality, simplicity, and flavor – the essence of pure cuisine. Discover a unique culinary experience at Nota Blu.

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2. Leña Marbella

Perched atop a cozy terrace overlooking La Plaza, Leña Marbella, embodies Dani García’s culinary vision, reshaping the grill house concept with innovative flair. Departing from stereotypes, the restaurant combines impeccable craftsmanship with locally-sourced produce, cooking over hot embers in an honest and respectful manner. Influenced by global travels, Dani García infuses a cosmopolitan touch into the kitchen. Honored as the “Prettiest Restaurant in the World” at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2021, Leña Marbella features an interior adorned with stone and wood. The soft lights and gentle shadows within contribute to a romantic ambiance, blending a primitive yet aesthetic pleasing ambiance.

Leña marbella
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3. The Grill at Marbella Club

Indulge in history and romance at The Grill, Marbella Club Hotel. Dine under the stars surrounded by the scent of jasmine and bougainvillea or in the richly decorated interior centered around the legendary grill. Chef Juan Gálvez crafts a menu featuring classics and innovative dishes, emphasizing the finest cuts of meat and seasonal available ingredients. Don’t miss a pre-dinner drink at Rudi’s, a timeless Bohemian lounge, for the perfect start to your luxurious romantic evening. 

4. El Patio

El Patio is a cherished spot for crafting dreamy, romantic evenings. Immersed in the essence of Andalusian culture, it captivates couples with a breathtaking tropical garden ambiance, offering an unrivaled allure to open-air dining.

the grill marbella club
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5. Areia Marbella 

Areia, located in the city center of Marbella, captivates with its distinctive ambiance and decor, where attentive and friendly service complements masterfully crafted dishes. The result is not just a dinner but a truly memorable experience.

areia marbella
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The Charm of Marbella’s Old Town

6. Casanis bistro:

Casanis Bistro, nestled in the enchanting old town of Marbella, it’s a warm and intimate Mediterranean bistro that seamlessly blends the flavors of French and Belgian cuisine. The cozy ambiance makes it a perfect haven for romantic evenings, creating an inviting atmosphere that lingers in the memory.

7. Ristorante CasaTua – Italian Fine Dining in Marbella

A place to wine, a place to dine, Casa Tua stands as the ideal destination for an exceptional dining experience in Marbella’s old town. The restaurant features a charming outdoor terrace with seating for 30, while the cozy interior accommodates 40 for those chilly winter nights. Run by a husband and wife duo, Casa Tua serves the finest Italian cuisine, skillfully blending fresh seasonal ingredients with contemporary twists and elegant presentation.

8. Skina: 

Situated in Marbella’s Old Town, Skina offers an intimate dining experience with its Michelin-starred brilliance. With just ten diners in focus, the restaurant provides personalized service, creating a perfect setting for a romantic rendezvous. The charming courtyard allows al fresco dining, enhancing the delightful experience. Chef Jaume Puigdengolas, celebrated for his culinary genius, artfully blends Andalusian flavors with original touches, creating a lovely symphony for the senses.

9. Zozoï 

Nestled in Plaza Altamirano,  Zozoï graces one of the most charming corners of Marbella’s old town. With a fantastic outdoor terrace and an Andalusian-style interior courtyard, the restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the Zozoï experience.

This restaurant is a rendezvous for those who appreciate creative seasonal cuisine, fresh produce, and a delightful atmosphere

zozoi marbella
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10. Cascada Cocina Bar

Nestled in the foothills just beyond Marbella, Cascada is a cozy bistro-style haven. Adjacent to a cascading waterfall and the ‘Arroyo de las Repressas’ river, it provides a tranquil escape. With plots in Istán and Marbella, Cascada employs eco-friendly methods to grow some of their herbs. Beyond delightful menus, enjoy live music, wine tastings, and flamenco shows.

11. Villa tiberio 

Villa Tiberio, an 18-year-old gem, opens its doors Sundays from May 14th. With 6,000 square meters of formal Italian gardens,marble statues,cascading waterfalls and impeccable service, it offers a diverse menu in a Mediterranean palazzo. Owner Sandro Morelli ensures a personalized dining experience, making it ideal for a romantic post-Valentine’s rendezvous.

Memorable Evenings Await: 11 Romantic Restaurants in Marbella

Elevate your Marbella date nights or Valentine’s Day by choosing from these romantic restaurants. Whether it’s a special occasion or a magical moment, choose from cozy Old Town hideaways, beachfront gems, or gastronomic adventures. Marbella offers something for every couple seeking a romantic dining experience. Spoil your loved one with unforgettable evenings filled with delectable cuisine and intimate ambiance. For assistance with reservations, contact us —we’re here to help make your experience even more special.

Thank you for reading: 11 Romantic Restaurants in Marbella for Memorable Date Nights


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