Beach Clubs Marbella

Welcome to a tantalizing journey through Marbella’s most prestigious beach clubs, where the sun, sea, and sophistication converge. Join TAO LIVIN’ as we unveil the crème de la crème of Marbella’s beach scene, from serene retreats to electrifying hotspots that promise endless summer fun.

Dive into the ultimate Marbella beach club experience with us. Discover the best beach clubs in Marbella to soak up the sun and enjoy the vibrant coastal atmosphere.

Marbella Beach Clubs: Your Ultimate Experience

Picture yourself at La Cabane Marbella Beach Club, Beso Beach Estepona, Nido Estepona, Playa Padre, and more – where sipping a cocktail becomes an art in the most exclusive venues along Marbella’s enchanting coastline.

Marbella beckons with private beaches, seaside feasts, and day-to-night parties that define the ultimate beach club allure. With TAO LIVIN’, you’re invited to explore Marbella’s iconic beach spots and discover the myths and legends that unfold with every cocktail by the sea.

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Discover the best beach clubs in Marbella that define the city's sun-soaked reputation:

🌞 La Cabane Marbella Beach Club

Transport yourself to a beach club legacy, reborn under the visionary culinary genius Dani García and styled by fashion icons Dolce & Gabbana. La Cabane Marbella Beach Club at Hotel Los Monteros is a culinary symphony where Mediterranean and Italian flavors dance on your palate. From mouthwatering vongole spaghetti to a tantalizing black truffle carbonara pizza, your taste buds are in for a treat. As the sun dips below the horizon, sink into a poolside oasis on Balinese beds, serenaded by DJ beats.

La Cabane Marbella is a haven for those seeking an exclusive beach club experience imbued with a quieter atmosphere. This is where the raucous champagne-spraying pool parties take a backseat to the serene elegance of blue and white. The ambiance is pristine, and the atmosphere is one of relaxation.

🌞 Barbillón Marbella

Get ready for a beach club experience that’s all about good food and endless summer fun.  Barbillon Marbella – a vibrant beach club adorned by the artistic touch of MRGO studio, where delightful cuisine and summer soirées take center stage. Barbillón brings Mediterranean flair to Marbella with tantalizing dishes like tempura shrimp with miso vinaigrette, fried steak tartare nigiri, and Japanese tempura shrimp tails, along with a range of mouthwatering rice dishes.

Located in Guadalmina Baja, this Madrid-born sensation has just arrived in Marbella, offering a grand expanse of 4,000 square meters overlooking the sea. Its three distinct areas – beach with sunbathing haven, swimming pool, and the restaurant itself – beckon you to share and revel in a diverse and accessible culinary experience, perfect for all ages.

🌞 Playa Padre

Escape to the captivating world of Playa Padre, where the tropical allure of “Meet Me at La Playa” promises an unforgettable experience that lives up to the “Padre” spirit. Embrace the golden sands, swaying palm trees, and blue clear waters that beckon you to unwind in Marbella’s paradise.

Savor the delights of their exotic signature cocktails, designed to whisk you away to distant shores, and indulge in mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine with a delightful Mexican twist. As the sun sets, Playa Padre awakens with the finest musicians, artists, and DJs from around the world, transforming their beachside sanctuary into a magical fiesta.

Unwind, dance, and create cherished memories at Playa Padre – whether you’re embracing the day or relishing the night, Playa Padre invites you to make every moment count.

🌞 La Plage Casanis

 A beachfront gem where sun, sea, and sensational food unite in harmony. La Plage Casanis is your haven for a delectable summer meal followed by a refreshing swim. Chef Fabián Cangas serves up Mediterranean delights with a French twist. From mouthwatering black paella with octopus to succulent carabinero rice, and not to forget the irresistible cecina croquettes or tuna tartare.

🌞 Dune Beach Marbella

A newcomer in El Rosario, Dune Beach Club Marbella has become a must-visit spot this summer. Their international menu takes you on a global journey while maintaining that Spanish-Mediterranean essence. From marinated tiger prawns with an oriental twist to Kobe beef skirt steak, succulent red tuna, Moroccan-style lamb kebab, and even a Mexican-inspired Ibodai taco.

🌞 Nosso Summer Club Marbella

This beautiful Ibiza-style restaurant invites you to experience the essence of Nosso Summer Club Marbella. Delight in a fusion of Asian-Mediterranean-Nikkei flavors that tantalise your taste buds, complemented by an array of classic and contemporary cocktails. Picture an enchanting blend of Ibiza-inspired elegance and laid-back relaxation. At Nosso beach club Marbella, you’ll discover a slice of paradise by the Mediterranean Sea. Sink into our inviting beds, sway in hammocks, and soak up the relaxed atmosphere with live music and DJ beats. It’s the perfect balance of sophistication and bohemian charm, all on Marbella’s stunning beachfront. 

Nosso Summer Club Marbella offers a haven where music, sun, sea, and fine dining come together. Unquestionably, it’s one of Marbella’s most sought-after beach club experiences.

🌞 SIROKO Beach Marbella

This classic venue at Marbella East is all about laid-back vibes and good times, especially as the sun starts to set. SIROKO Beach is your go-to for kicking back on sun loungers and savoring some yummy dishes.  The fun doesn’t stop there – they’ve got a bar and a play area for the kids, so the whole family can have a blast. And when the sun takes a dip, it’s party mode – SIROKO Beach Marbella transforms into a lively hotspot with a DJ spinning tunes. So whether you’re soaking up rays or grooving to the music, SIROKO Beach captures Marbella’s essence perfectly – the views, the sounds, and the fantastic vibes. It’s the kind of place where you’ll instantly feel at home.

🌞 Beso Beach Estepona

Discover the ultimate beach haven at Beso Beach Estepona. Indulge in a fusion of Basque and Mediterranean flavors, while sinking into comfy sun loungers by the Costa del Sol. This beach club is more than a destination – it’s an experience. Indulge in savoring exquisite dishes right by the sea and immersing yourself in good music; Beso Beach embodies the very essence of Marbella’s charm.

As the sun sets, an über stylish beach club, renowned in Ibiza and Formentera, comes to life in Estepona. Since opening in 2023, it’s become a hotspot for both tourists and locals, lured by its beachfront allure, chic design, and delectable cuisine. Sea, salt, and sumptuous gastronomy await, accompanied by an electrifying atmosphere from top DJs.

Embrace leisure, camaraderie, and enjoyment – it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

🌞 Nido Estepona

If you’re in search of the perfect blend of poolside luxury, beachfront bliss, soulful melodies, and a culinary adventure, don’t miss out on NIDO Estepona. Here, the sparkling Mediterranean Sea serves as your backdrop, while their impeccable service takes your experience to the next level.

Tucked along the beachfront, where the rhythmic waves of the sea seamlessly mingle with the inviting pools, NIDO Estepona creates a haven for relaxation and indulgence. Guided by Chef Franco Franceschini, NIDO´s menu pays tribute to the culinary heritage of the Mediterranean. From succulent meats to oceanic delights, from delightful rice creations to seasonal temptations, the restaurant captures the very essence of the Mediterranean. 

Marbella Beach Clubs: Last Thoughts

Join TAO LIVIN’ and uncover the joys of Marbella holidays, from trendy parties to tranquil beaches, and indulge in the finest moments that this sun-kissed paradise has to offer.

Looking for suggestions on where to go for your next adventure in Marbella, whether it’s during the day or night? Feel free to reach out – we’re happy to give you a hand!

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Our Tips for Your Holidays in Marbella:

While last-minute Marbella beach club bookings are possible in many locations, to ensure you don’t miss out, we suggest securing your spot by making advance reservations. For an assured experience, we encourage you to plan ahead and unlock the ultimate beach club experience in Marbella. We’re here to assist you in booking your ideal Marbella beach club venue. Just ask and let us take care of the details.

1. La Plage CasanisSunset Ritual: Unwind at La Plage Casanis’ Sunday Ritual Sessions, starting at 17:00. Enjoy dancing on the beach, sipping cocktails, and embracing a serene sunset backdrop until late. 

2. Playa Padre – BOHO Sunday: Explore the unique BOHO Sunday experience at Playa Padre, from 11:00 to midnight. Embrace a bohemian ambiance with creative décor, beach beats, and a party atmosphere. Connect and indulge in artistic vibes by the sea.

3. Nikki Beach Marbella – Living in the Sun: Elevate your Sunday at Nikki Beach, where the sun, music, and beach vibes collide from 11:00 to 20:00. Dance, dine, and delight in live performances for an unforgettable Sunday under the sun. 

Some of our favourites restaurants in Marbella are:

  • COYAStraight from Peru, Coya lands in Marbella with a blast of innovative menus that fuse traditional Peruvian recipes with Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish cooking techniques. From anticuchos to ceviches, this place is a true fusion fiesta. And don’t forget to explore their Pisco Bar—a homage to Lima’s oldest bars—serving up homemade infusions and, of course, the famous pisco. COYA welcomes you from 7 pm to 2 am (3 am on Friday-Saturday). The kitchen delights with its exquisite offerings until 12:30 am. 
  • El Ancla: Experience coastal culinary excellence at El Ancla, a haven for seafood enthusiasts. Fresh, locally caught tuna, fish, and sushi await your palate in this tranquil San Pedro de Alcantara gem. Indulge in a long lunch featuring paella and wine or savor a beautifully baked sea bass. Open daily (except Mondays) from 1 pm to 11 pm, El Ancla promises an unparalleled seaside dining experience.
  • Casanis Bistrot: A Marbella gem housed in a 150-year-old country house in the heart of the old town. Enjoy a leafy courtyard, charming interiors, and a fusion of French, Belgian, and Spanish flavors. Try their divine Pollo del Corral or opt for the daily “fish of the day” with a local white wine. It’s a timeless Mediterranean delight. Open daily from 7pm to 11.30pm.
Expanding upon our recommended gems of El Ancla, Casanis, and COYA, the Puente Romano Beach Resort offers an array of exceptional dining experiences. Among them, you’ll discover acclaimed establishments such as Nobu Marbella, Leña, and BiBo, contributing to a culinary constellation that promises an unforgettable journey.

For a Marbella beach getaway like no other, explore our top picks:

Family-Friendly Escapes

Playa Nagüeles: Shallow waters, calm waves – a family favorite. Don’t miss Trocadero Playa for Mediterranean delights and luxury yacht rentals.

– Surfer’s Paradise
Playa Cabopino: Catch waves on this expansive shore, with a range of water sports to enjoy.


– Hidden Gem  

Playa de Alicate: Golden sands, clear waters, and celebrity allure. Discover the charm of this uncrowded haven.

Indulge in Marbella’s coastal treasures – from family fun to thrilling surf, there’s a beach for every desire.

When it comes to Marbella’s high-end nightclubs, the dress code tends to lean toward smart casual and upscale elegance. Gents often opt for collared shirts paired with stylish dress shoes, while ladies don their finest outfits complete with high heels. Remember, each venue may have its unique touch, so checking in advance is always a wise move. 

Embrace the chic spirit of Marbella’s nightlife as you dress to impress and revel in the sophisticated atmosphere.