Chambao Marbella

After much anticipation, Chambao by the Sea has finally opened at Puente Romano Beach Resort, and we’re thrilled to say, it exceeds all expectations. This gem, part of the Nobu Hotel Marbella, is a laidback boutique beach & pool club with an Andalucian flavour  inviting guests to stroll in from the beach with family or friends, embracing its relaxed seaside ambiance.

From Ibiza to Marbella: The Story of Chambao

For those who haven’t heard the buzz yet, let us fill you in. Chambao by the Sea isn’t just any beach joint; it’s the sibling of Chambao by the Beach at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay – you know, the fancy spot where relaxation meets luxury on the shores of Ibiza. With Chambao at Ibiza Bay earning a well-deserved reputation as one of the island’s ‘must-do’ dining destinations, anticipation for its arrival in Marbella has been as palpable as the ocean breeze. And now that it’s officially opened its doors at Puente Romano, the wait is finally over. They’ve brought that same laidback, chic vibe to Marbella, following the success of Chambao at Ibiza Bay. While Nobu exudes formality, Chambao embraces beach-ready attire, blending elegance with informality to capture the essence of summertime relaxation.

Picture yourself lounging by the gentle waves, cocktail in hand, with the Mediterranean breeze whispering sweet nothings in your ear – that’s the Chambao by the Sea experience in a nutshell.

The Coastal Charm of Chambao Marbella in Puente Romano

Chambao by the Sea channels the spirit of traditional straw huts dotting the coastline, known as “chambao.” These resilient yet flexible structures have long provided shelter and respite for fisherman and beach enthusiasts alike. And just like the ethos behind the saying “El junco se dobla pero no se rompe” (The reed bends but does not break), these huts symbolize strength and adaptability in the face of the sea’s whims.

Stepping into Chambao, you’ll immediately feel the connection to these coastal roots as the beach restaurant’s design pays homage to the charm of the chambao with its thatched roofs, wooden furniture, and an ambiance that whispers of lazy afternoons spent by the shore. Here, where the elegance of natural textures meets the serenity of the sea, Chambao Marbella offers a tranquil retreat reminiscent of lazy beach days, whether seated directly on the terrace or indoors.

Chambao Marbella Menu: Freshly Caught Seafood and Local Flavours

Once you’re soaking up the sun at Puente Romano, feeling the sun’s warmth and getting excited for a tasty meal, you’ll know it’s time – the call of Chambao’s menu, promising fresh seafood and inventive cocktails. Nestled along Marbella’s stunning coastline, Chambao by the Sea offers an easygoing dining experience for families and friends, creating unforgettable moments by the waves.

The menu, inspired by Spanish culinary traditions, highlights Marbella’s fresh flavors using locally sourced ingredients. In addition to its delicious food, this beach spot offers a pool experience with the option to relax in poolside cabanas. Celebrate to the soundtrack of world-class DJs while sipping on golden hour cocktails while enjoying the vibrant beach chic decor. With the perfect tunes setting the ambiance, Chambao captures an easygoing vibe as serene as a Sunday morning stroll along the shore.


So whether you’re a local looking for your new go-to spot or a visitor in search of that perfect taste of Mediterranean magic, or just chilling out with friends to some cool tunes, Chambao at Puente Romano Marbella is where it’s at. See you by the sea!

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