A Comprehensive Guide to Caminito del Rey Tickets

Embarking on the exciting Caminito del Rey adventure is like planning a treasure hunt. You need more than just excitement — you need smart plans, especially when it comes to securing your tickets. 

🎟️ Booking Challenges: The initial quest for Caminito del Rey tickets often involves circumventing booking challenges on the official website. El Caminito del Rey is one of the main tourist attractions in the region. Fully booked dates (“Agotado”) have prompted resourceful visitors to explore alternative methods, such as guided tours via platforms like Get Your Guide. These options offer efficiency, requiring just a few clicks to secure your Caminito del Rey ticket.

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How to Buy Tickets for Caminito del Rey

Embark on this journey with us as we delve into the available options, ensuring you can effortlessly secure your tickets for an unforgettable Caminito del Rey day trip. Explore the details below:

Official Website Booking Options:

1. Caminito del Rey Tickets Official Website: Choosing general entry allows you to explore at your own pace without a guide. Check the official website regularly for ticket availability – ORANGE dates indicate potential availability, while YELLOW (“Agotado”) means no spots are left. Book your tickets to Caminito del Rey on the official website for the most economical option. However, be mindful of the strict no-cancellation or changes policy. So if you are not 100% certain about your dates, consider booking through a third-party website with a more flexible cancellation policy.

💡Tip:  If general tickets are unavailable on the official website, head over to Get Your Guide for your chance to secure entry. While the price may be slightly higher due to booking fees, it’s your go-to option for snagging Caminito del Rey tickets without guide.

2. Official Guided Visit from Official Website: These tickets include a guided tour (“Visita Guiada”) for a deeper understanding of the region’s history and geology. Groups are limited to 30 people, ensuring an intimate experience led by a certified guide. The staff provides and explains the use of radio guides and headphones at the meeting point  (ticket office). Guides often speak English, some people comment that the guides can speak some English but for the most part they speak in Spanish – it depends who you get for the tour.

Alternative Booking Options:

1. Guided Tour via Third-Party Websites: Explore guided tours through third-party platforms that not only offer insightful commentary but also offer flexibility in language preferences, commonly available in English and Spanish. For an alternative to the official website, explore the range of options offered by Get Your Guide website. Discover various guided visits to the Caminito del Rey, each with its own charm. Keep in mind that some providers may include the use of headphones and radio guides, while others may not provide these amenities. 

Bonus: secure your guided tour and enjoy peace of mind that comes with a complete refund up to 24 hours in advance. So if you would like a little added security should your circumstances change, we recommend Get Your Guide.

2. Hotels Assistance: Some local hotels, such as Posada del Conde or the Garganta Complexcan assist you in securing entry tickets. When booking your stay, mention your interest in walking the Caminito del Rey. Staying at these hotels not only adds comfort but also eases your ticket hunt. Bonus: If you book with La Garganta, you will have a private bus service included.

3. Special Pick-Up Points: Want a hassle-free journey? Platforms like GetYourGuide got your back! They offer not just tickets but also sweet transportation deals. Whether you’re soaking up the sun in Costa del Sol or exploring other major cities, they’ve got convenient options for you.

4. Tickets at the Box Office (Not Guaranteed): If everything else has failed and there really aren’t any general tickets left anywhere, your last chance is to try getting caminito del rey tickets on the day directly at the visitors’ ticket booth ( a 25-minute walk from the tunnel entrance). Yet, be warned, availability is a bit like chasing fireflies, especially during peak seasons and holidays. It is wiser to book in advance whenever possible. If you’re feeling a bit spontaneous, aim to arrive by 8.00 AM, and definitely before 9.00 AM, especially on morning entries, weekends, or holidays. Group access to the path is every 10 minutes. Keep in mind, stewards may restrict on-the-spot ticket purchases, particularly if the day is fully booked.


Caminito del Rey guided tours are worth the extra cost as they offer in-depth information about the walkway, its history, and wildlife. Professional guides ensure a comprehensive understanding of the area. Many people choose the cheaper option and miss out on the guided benefits. 

Do you need to book Caminito del Rey? Absolutely! Purchasing a ticket is mandatory for walking the Caminito del Rey. These tickets can be bought online in advance, offering flexibility in choosing your preferred experience.

If you can’t find availability on the Caminito del Rey tickets official website, consider checking for tickets on the Get Your Guide website here:


Prepare to secure your tickets about 6 weeks before your intended visit. While the official reservation system typically releases tickets in advance, guided companies may offer them even earlier, sometimes up to 3 months beforehand. Keep an eye out, and if planning for a specific date, aim to purchase closer to your travel time for the best availability. Best of luck with your ticket hunt!

Tickets to Caminito del Rey for the summer months usually open up in late spring, typically a month before the start of the quarter. The reservation system for July, August, and September typically opens in the last part of June. This pattern has been observed in previous years, providing a window for eager visitors to secure their spots for the peak summer months.

Current Booking Status: As of now, bookings are open up to 29th September. For those planning a visit after this date, keep an eye on the official website to ensure you secure your preferred time slot.


Here’s a concise guide to help you plan your visit effectively:

– Mondays: Closed for essential maintenance.

– Tuesday to Sunday: The path welcomes adventurers from Tuesday to Sunday, excluding public holidays. Caminito del Rey opening hours; From 9:00 h until 14:50 h./17.20h (depending the season*) 

*The timetables, opening dates, and possible changes and modifications to them will be those established by the management company ,and any changes will be communicated on the official website platform and on the social channels.

– Holiday Closures: Closed on January 1st, December 24th, 25th, and December 31st. Plan your visit around these dates to avoid any disappointments.

Check the official website and social media channels for any schedule changes. Any changes, modifications, or updates to the schedule will be communicated through these platforms. Keep an eye on announcements to ensure your visit aligns with the current schedule.

Helpful Tips and Recommendations for Your Caminito del Rey Adventure:

General tickets not available: If your desired date is fully booked on the official website for general entry, consider opting for a guided tour, which may still be available. Alternatively, try securing a general entry slot via the Get Your Guide platform.  

Caminito del Rey tickets without guide: Alternatively, for those who still prefer a self-guided experience, spontaneous visits without a guided tour are also an option for Caminito del Rey tickets on the day, as mentioned in this guide. You just take the risk of purchasing them at the ticket booth entry!

Guided Tours and Group Etiquette: If opting for a guided tour, remember that the purpose is to be guided. Straying from the group is generally not allowed, as it may impact headcount and safety measures. If you prefer a self-guided experience, consider the available time slots for flexibility.

Booking Time Slots: Entries to the Caminito del Rey are allocated in specific time slots, and visitors must adhere to their reserved entry times. While some may wonder about the possibility of entering earlier with a later time slot, it’s advisable to stick to the designated plan to ensure a smooth and organized experience.

Age Restrictions: The Caminito del Rey can only be accessed by people aged 8 and above. Tickets are not available for children below this age, so plan accordingly when considering a visit. Kids 8 years or older must bring their original ID or Family Book to check their age.

Starting Side: You can’t choose where to start; it’s fixed at the Northern Access, near the Restaurant el Kiosko. Enjoy the downhill or level walk, beginning your adventure from the lakeside. Caminito del Rey North Access tickets can be obtained at the designated ticket booth nearby (a 25-minute walk from the tunnel entrance). El Caminito del Rey lenght has evolved into a 7.7 km journey that spans the breathtaking landscapes near Ardales, Malaga.

Return Tickets and Transfers: Tickets for the Caminito del Rey are generally non-transferable. The tickets you are purchasing are for individual use. If you find yourself with extra tickets or need to inquire about a refund, direct communication with the official site is necessary. Refund availability and transfer procedures can vary, so contact the site for accurate information.

Shuttle bus: For added convenience, after you have paid for your tickets on the official website, you can also purchase tickets for the shuttle bus which will be linked to your caminito del rey entrance. It costs 2.50 euros per person  and is not included in the ticket price. The ticket allows you to travel freely in both directions as many times as you need on the day of your visit. You can buy it on the official website (linked to your ticket) or directly at the shuttle stop with cash (no card payments) . The bus operates from 07:40 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., taking approximately 15-20 minutes to reach El Kiosko Restaurant (Northern Access). 

Caminito del Rey parking: The official website also allows you to  add parking to your general or official guided entry ticket reservation. Parking is available at Centro de Recepción de Visitantes, costing 2€ per space. Arrive at least an hour early, as this parking is about halfway between the village of El Chorro and the start point of the Caminito del Rey. Alternatively, for a chance at a closer spot, park for free closer to the Northern Access (limited availability).

Weather Conditions: The Caminito del Rey may close in adverse weather conditions, particularly during high winds or heavy rainfall, which can lead to rockfalls. It is advisable to check the weather forecast before planning your visit. Note that sometimes it can also be closed for repair works. In these cases, the official information for visitors will be the website. 

Helmet Requirement: While there is no need for climbing harnesses, every visitor will be provided with a safety helmet upon arrival. This helmet is mandatory and must be worn throughout the entire journey. It is prohibited to use a harness or to be tied to a cable on the boardwalks, as this might put obstacles in the way of other people who transit it and can make them fall down the precipice. These safety measures ensure that Caminito del Rey is safe for all visitors, addressing the concern “is Caminito del Rey safe?”.

Carry Bags and Prohibited Items: While large trekking rucksacks (the kind backpackers use) are not allowed, small bags for essentials, cameras, and picnics are permitted. It’s crucial to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a smooth journey. Additionally, selfie sticks, hiking sticks, crutches, canes, baby carriage or similar, and umbrellas are not allowed on the trail. Access to animals is also strictly forbidden for security reasons including guide dogs.

Drones or tripods: While capturing the beauty of Caminito del Rey is a must, there are specific rules to follow. Tripods for cameras are not allowed. Avoid obstructing paths with camera equipment without explicit permission. Drones are strictly prohibited, except when authorized by the environmental consultancy due to the area’s status as a bird sanctuary. Follow these rules to ensure a respectful and enjoyable visit.

Luggage Storage: For those planning a one-way trip and needing luggage storage, contacting the Garganta hotel located near the El Chorro train station (Southern Access) is recommended. Inquire about the availability of storage options, including lockers or assistance from local hotels. If you wanna spend a night over, there is another local hotel which we recommend is Posada de Conde (near the Northern Access).

Phone Signal Tips: Expect limited phone signal on the path, particularly due to the geographical layout. Vodafone users might find some coverage, but overall, anticipate reduced signal availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Caminito del Rey

Absolutely! Visiting the Caminito del Rey is definitely worth it. Known as the once most dangerous hike in the world, this trail has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming a must-visit destination for thrill-seekers and history enthusiasts alike. You get to walk on elevated pathways amidst stunning nature like tall cliffs and beautiful valleys. It’s a thrilling adventure that’s perfect for nature lovers and hikers. Just make sure to plan ahead, follow safety rules, and book tickets early to enjoy your visit to the fullest.

You can purchase tickets for the Caminito del Rey without a guide through the official website or at the ticket office. Simply select the option for self-guided tours when purchasing your tickets online or specify your preference when purchasing in person. These tickets allow you to explore the Caminito del Rey at your own pace without the need for a guided tour.

You can purchase Caminito del Rey tickets on the day of your visit, subject to availability. However, it’s important to note that tickets may sell out quickly, especially during peak seasons. To secure your visit, it’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance online or arrive early at the ticket office to check availability for same-day tickets.

Caminito del Rey North Access tickets can be purchased through the official website or at the ticket booth. Online, navigate to the official website and select your preferred date and time. Follow the provided instructions to complete your purchase securely. If purchasing in person, visit the ticket booth to obtain your caminito del rey tickets. Please note that the North Access serves as the sole entry point, once inside you can exit from the South point.

El Caminito del Rey, nestled near Ardales in Malaga, has evolved into a captivating 7.7 km journey. This iconic path encompasses 4.8 km of access routes, inviting explorers to immerse themselves in the stunning landscapes. The remaining 2.9 km is dedicated to the renowned walkways, offering an exhilarating adventure amidst the breathtaking scenery.

Yes, you can walk the Caminito del Rey without a guide. The path is accessible for independent exploration, allowing visitors to traverse the route at their own pace and immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring scenery. However, it’s essential to adhere to safety guidelines and regulations while exploring the Caminito del Rey independently.

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