Xiao Long Kan Malaga Hotpot isn't just a place to eat - it's an experience

If you’re up for some DIY cooking fun while dining out, Xiao Long Kan Malaga Hotpot on Av. de Velázquez, 122, is the perfect place to go! Here, you get to be the chef and whip up your own meal using all the ingredients provided. 

Hotpot is becoming a hit worldwide for its interactive dining style and tasty eats that bring groups together. And guess what? On March 13, the Xiao Long Kan Hotpot chain brought this trendy dining experience to Malaga! It’s all about hotpot — a beloved tradition in China that’s now making its mark in Costa del Sol. Picture this: a bubbling pot of broth sits in the center of your table, surrounded by a spread of fresh ingredients and flavor-packed seasonings. You have the freedom to toss in whatever you like and cook it to perfection, creating your own delicious masterpiece. 

Hotpot is kind of like fondue, but for soup

Let’s dive into the heart of it: What exactly is a hotpot? It’s a Chinese tradition where diners gather around a bubbling pot of broth, cooking a variety of ingredients right at the table. Think meats, mushrooms, veggies, and noodles, all simmering in a flavorful broth.

The real magic lies in choosing your broth, which can range from spicy to savory, each adding its own unique twist to the meal. While all broths are prepared with a pork base, vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy a flavorful vegetable-based broth, accommodating different dietary preferences. Choices include spicy, mushroom, or tomato. Guests typically share a communal pot, dipping and cooking their selections to perfection.

When it comes to ingredients, the selection is truly impressive, offering a wide variety of choices to suit every palate. With over 30 options available, guests can indulge in succulent beef cuts such as brisket and Angus slices, as well as delightful seafood selections like prawns. Vegetarians will appreciate the assortment of vegetables including seaweed, soybean sprouts, boletus mushrooms, and tofu. For those seeking adventurous flavors, exotic Asian ingredient like tong hao, yam, shiitake, and enoki mushrooms are also on offer.

Xiao Long Kan Malaga
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Drinks, Sauces, and Sweet Treats at Xiao Long Kan Malaga Hotpot

At hotpot gatherings, drinks are essential for keeping the fun flowing. Whether you prefer a Chinese liquor  to complement your meal or a cold beer to balance out the heat, there’s something for everyone. And for those seeing non-alcoholic options, rest assured, there are plenty to choose from. As you savor your drink of choice, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the diverse world of sauces at Xiao Long Kan Malaga Hotpot. Here, you’re in charge of your sauce game, whether you’re opting for the house blends or mixing up your own. With the sauce offering endless possibilities, every visit is a chance to experiment and discover new flavors.

And to satisfy any sweet cravings, don’t miss out on the irresistible glutinous rice paste with brown sugar. Just make sure to leave a little extra space in your stomach, or better yet, save room by wearing stretchy pants!

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Guided Cooking and Tableside Fun at Xiao Long Kan Malaga

What’s intriguing is that the Xiao Long Lan Malaga menu guides diners on the ideal cooking times for each ingredient, ensuring a delightful culinary experience from start to finish. Plus, you’ll get to channel your inner chef while donning a one-time-use cloth apron. You get to indulge in the culinary delights without worrying about stains on your attire, just request one.

To add to the fun, each table boasts its own induction stove, adding a touch of flair as you cook your favorite ingredients right at your table. And for added convenience, discover handy drawers where paper napkins are stored, ensuring your hotpot journey is as seamless as it is delightful!

Planning to visit Xiao Long Kan Hotpot Malaga?

We highly recommend making a reservation, especially for dinner on weekends at this Chinese restaurant in Malaga, to ensure a smooth dining experience. Given their recent opening and the bustling atmosphere, securing a reservation will ensure you don’t miss out on the excitement. With an average cost per diner ranging between 25 and 30 euros, you’re guaranteed a fantastic dining adventure that won’t break the bank. Need a hand with reservations? Feel free to reach out—we’re here to make your dining experience as smooth as possible.

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Your Hotpot Experience: FAQs Answered

What sets Xiao Long Kan Málaga apart from other Chinese restaurants in Malaga?

Xiao Long Kan Málaga offers a unique and authentic dining experience centered around the traditional Chinese hot pot. Unlike typical Chinese restaurants in Malaga, Xiao Long Kan specializes in this interactive and communal dining experience, where diners cook a variety of fresh ingredients in a flavorful broth at their table. It’s a perfect blend of authentic Chinese cuisine and a fun, interactive dining experience that you won’t find elsewhere in Malaga.

Where is Xiao Long Kan Málaga located?

Xiao Long Kan Málaga is conveniently situated just outside the heart of Malaga, offering locals and tourists alike easy access to its authentic Chinese cuisine. You can find them at Av. de Velázquez, 122, Carretera de Cádiz, 29004 Málaga, right outside the bustling center of the city. So, if you’re craving the best hot pot Malaga has to offer, or seeking out the ultimate Malaga hot pot experience, Xiao Long Kan Málaga is the perfect destination. 

How do I order?

Once you’re seated, the staff will provide menus and guide you through the ordering process. If you’re opting for the hotpot experience, you’ll need to select your hotpot sauce base. Note that all broths are prepared with a pork base, so inform them of any dietary restrictions. Then, simply choose from their wide selection of ingredients on the Xiao Long Kan málaga menu. If you need assistance or have dietary preferences, let the staff know.

How to cook your hotpot?

Cooking your hotpot is part of the fun at Xiao Long Kan Malaga Hotpot. Each table has its own induction stove for your hotpot experience. Once the broth is simmering, add your chosen ingredients—meats, vegetables, seafood—to cook to perfection. The menu provides guidance on the ideal cooking times for each ingredient, ensuring every bite is just right. So go ahead, adjust the cooking times to your preference, and try a hotpot tailored to your taste.

How should I get started with hot pot cooking?

To begin hotpot cooking, wait until the water is boiled before adding your ingredients. Start by cooking the harder textured and more durable ingredients first before moving on to quick-cooking items. For instance, thicker slices of beef and frozen balls may take upwards of three to five minutes to cook in hot pot. Similarly, harder vegetables such as potatoes, corn, and lotus root require longer cooking times compared to lighter leafy vegetables like bok choy and spinach. You can either throw everything together or add small portions at a time. Consider adding the noodles last because they tend to soak up the broth. 

What happens when the broth level reduces?

If the broth level reduces during the cooking process, don’t worry! You can always ask for more, as it’s complimentary.

What utensils can be used while cooking hotpot? 

Chopsticks are commonly used for picking up, grabbing, and moving food within the hotpot. Additionally, other utensils available on the table, such as the soup spoon, can be utilized to taste the flavor of the broth before cooking begins. If food is dropped to the bottom of the pot, a straining spoon can be used to retrieve it. This versatile spoon is also handy for picking up ingredients that may have been forgotten at the bottom of the pot amidst the cooking process.